KoW Undead Mounted Revenant Knights, part 2

Back in March 2013 I made a post about the Mantic Revenant Knights, (well, it was actually more about the restic material they are made of than about the minis -the knights were some of the first restic minis I had seen and I had just struggled with building them).

…and now, in April 2017, I have at long last gotten round to actually painting them:


These are based on 50x25mm oval bases I printed on my 3D printer so they can do double duty for both skirmish games and block-maneuver games like Kings of War or even old WFB.

I have painted them in the theme of the Lost Crusade, my Kings of War skeleton army.

For some obscure reason, these give the distinct impression of being from England.


10 Revenant Knights

Kings of War, undead faction,

A part of the undead army I bought with the very first KoW Kickstarter.

Mantic Games


50x25mm bases



Painted so far this month: 73 / 30.  

Painted so far this year: 158 / 365. Just 207 to go!


Ronnie the Bard

A kickstarter exclusive from the Kings of War 2 KS.

I painted this mini for the Reaper forums bimonthly resolutionary painting challenge first bonus challenge, which is simply to paint a mini in a jumping/springing pose.



This is a rendition of Ronnie Renton the owner/ leader/ director of Mantic Games as Ronaldo the Bard. And something of an in-joke at Mantic it would seem.

I need to complain a bit about Mantic’s metal alloy. It is too soft. This mini snapped in two different places. One was the feather in the cap, which I had to glue back slightly differently than it originally was; and the other was the right foot, which snapped clean off the first time I tried to dry fit the mini in a slotted base. Which explains why the ankle is a bit lumpy now.

Add to this that the miniscule truscale Mantic uses makes most details really small…argh. It does look much better IRL when not massively magnified.

And I used Blackadder the First’s “Earl of Doncaster” outfit as an inspiration. I did paint the britches in colour and not in black, to give the mini more of a festive air.


Ronaldo the Bard

Kings of War 2 kickstarter exclusive mini

Mantic Games


30mm base


Painted so far this month: 21  / 31.  10 to go!

Painted so far this year: 85 / 365. Just 280 to go!

Flaming Cows!

One of the more interesting items from the Mars Attacks! kickstarter is the burning cattle token that got upgraded to a mini.

“Burning cattle” as in a herd of stampeding cows on fire. Yes, on fire as if they were hit with a heat ray, setting the subcuteous fat alight. Oh those Martians are utterly evil. Moo!

This is yet another baseless mini that I made a bespoke one for on my 3Dprinter.


“Herd” in this instance being the massive number of three.

At least it seems my fire painting is coming along nicely.

Now I want some barbeque!


 Burning Cattle

a 3D token from Mars Attacks! the miniatures game

Mantic Games

Rigid PVC

60x35mm oval 3D-printed base.


Painted so far this month: 18  / 31.  13 to go!

Painted so far this year: 82 / 365. Just 283 to go!



No animals were harmed in the painting of this mini.


…and the DreadBall Crystallan Team

These are made in translucent blue plastic. (unlike their MVP. FFS!)

Only Jacks and Guards. It would seem that they are wearing bikinis. Go underwear league!

I enhanced the blue with Vallejo blue ink, and then a light drybrush with light blue. Dark redbrown details with a pale orange over, and Army Painter Red Quickshade ink on top. Dot in the eyes with almost white blue. Bases and done.


Crystallan Team

DreadBall, Season Six

Mantic Games

Translucent blue restic

DreadBall Hex bases.


Painted so far this month: 17  / 31.  14 to go!

Painted so far this year: 81 / 365. Just 284 to go!

DreadBall MVP Crypt. AKA Ben Grimm

The Season six Crystallans are made in translucent blue plastic. But not the MVP.

(as with the Ada-Lorana MVP. Again, WTF Mantic!?! I am sure there is some practical production reason, But FFS! How much more could it possibly have cost to make these moulds together with the teams, or even just shoot these minis together with whoever also is on the same mould with the translucent plastic instead of the regular grey?)

And Crypt will only ever play with Crystallan Teams? Pah!


Seeing as this mini is not translucent, I went with a completely different colour scheme:

170304-mantic-dreadball-mvp-crypt-sidef or 170304-mantic-dreadball-mvp-crypt-sidefb

170304-mantic-dreadball-mvp-crypt-frontf or 170304-mantic-dreadball-mvp-crypt-frontb


170304-mantic-dreadball-mvp-crypt-sidebf 170304-mantic-dreadball-mvp-crypt-backf

Still not sure which backdrop to go with. Still need to play around with the settings on the camera.

I thought this colour scheme was fitting for a rockmanbearpigthing that has been esxposed to cosmic radiation. Or something.


And yes, the team will shortly be finished as well.


Crypt the Crystallan MVP

DreadBall, Season 6

Mantic Games


DreadBall Hex base


Painted so far this month: 7  / 31.  24 to go!

Painted so far this year: 71 / 365. Just 294 to go!

Dungeon Saga Tortured Souls

I had this idea to jumpstart my Abyssal Kings of War army with the Dungeon Saga minis. So I ordered extra of the Abyssals set, netting me 5 of each instead of 3 of each.


But in KoW, what use is 5 of infantry? On too large bases? Damn it all to Hell! ;P



Which background works better?


170304-mantic-dungeon-saga-infernatl-crypts-tortured-soul-sff 170304-mantic-dungeon-saga-infernatl-crypts-tortured-soul-ff 170304-mantic-dungeon-saga-infernatl-crypts-tortured-soul-bff

These are like the other Dungeon Saga minis: a bit soft in the details, but still better than alot that has gone before.


Maybe I should have done Lavabases on these?


Tortured Souls

From Dungeon Saga, the Infernal Crypts expansion

(Kings of War Forces of the Abysss faction)

Mantic Games

Rigid PVC

25mm bases


Painted so far this month: 6  / 31.  25 to go!

Painted so far this year: 70 / 365. Just 295 to go!

DreadBall: The Ada-Lorana Team and Phantasm MVP

Time to speed up the PJs and get something done before the month’s end:



These are originally translucent blue. I wanted them to be greenish instead, which was easily accomplised with some vallejo green ink. Dot in some details and Hey, presto!

Bases as per my standard recognize-your-DreadBall-team-positions colour scheme, red for guard, yellow for jack and green for striker.

Always remember to prime tranlucents with some matte varnish or the paint will have problems sticking to the minis.


But the MVP was not made in translucent plastic, but in standard grey (…WTF Mantic!?!) and the same goes for the crystallan MVP. (ARGH!)

So I had to paint the damn thing with paint!

170227-mantic-dreadball-mvp-phantasm-front 170227-mantic-dreadball-mvp-phantasm-back 170227-mantic-dreadball-mvp-phantasm-side

So it turned out a little different than the others.


*sigh* Still works though.


Ada-Lorana Team and Phantasm the Ada-Lorana MVP

DreadBall season six

Mantic Games


DreadBall hex bases


Painted so far this month: 2/ 28.  7 to go. and one day left!

Painted so far this year: 54 / 365. Just 311 to go!