3Dprint: Gorilla

Just a few years ago, someone* wrote in their results statements thingy** that 3D-printing miniatures is not in any way a threat to the miniatures industry:

“We know quite a lot about 3-D printers, having been at the forefront of the technology for many years. We know of what we speak. One day 3-D printers will be affordable (agreed), they are now, they will be able to produce fantastic detail (the affordable ones won’t) and they will do it faster than one miniature per day (no, they won’t, look it up). So we may get to the time when someone can make a poorly detailed miniature at home and have enough for an army in less than a year. That pre-supposes that 3-D scanning technology will be affordable and good enough (don’t bet the mortgage on that one) and that everyone will be happy to have nothing but copies of old miniatures. (…).”


So, just three years later, in 2017, I printed this minature, which I downloaded for free from drivethrurpg.com as it was part of one of many totally free packs of critters, beasts and monsters that are downloadable from that site (and they also have many packs that are pay what you want or have a fixed cost of a few dollars.)


The only alteration I did was to cut away the integral base and print it on a raft instead so I could base it in the same style as my other minis.


This ape took about an hour and a half to print on my cheap as chips Flashforge Finder-printer, on “hyper” 0.1mm layer height. This needed supports when printing, and cost just a few pennies worth of PLA.

Yes, the details are not fantastic (but that has more to do with the tru-scale nature of this model than with the printer) and there are slight print lines visible. (not really all that visible unless it is zoomed in on as in the pictures.)

But still. We are getting there, and much faster than someone* would have thought.


*that someone being the then Chairman of Games Workshop, Tom Kirby,

**2014 GW Chairman’s Preamble to the Games Workshop CEO annual report .


3D printed Gorilla

by mx4250,

downloaded from drivethrurpg.com

PLA, 0.1 mm layer height

30mm base



Painted so far this month: 63 / 30.  

Painted so far this year: 148 / 365. Just 217 to go!

The Great and Purple Worm!

Reaper released a few minis in Bones before taking them to kickstarter the first time. Here is one of them:


170129-reaper-bones-77006-great-worm-1 170129-reaper-bones-77006-great-worm-front 170129-reaper-bones-77006-great-worm-3 170129-reaper-bones-77006-great-worm-2 170129-reaper-bones-77006-great-worm-back


And what a beauty it is! That head would take pride of place in the monster hunter’s wall of stuffed trophies!

I really don’t know why I have not painted one this earlier. It is a great piece, really three dimensional and wiggly as it were. And this would be maybe a fifth of it’s total length. Too bad about the prominent mould lines and my early days inept removal of same with a knife. The resultant cut flats are especially noticable down the back.


77006 Great Worm

Reaper Bones, pre-kickstarter

sculpted by Michael Brower

Bonesium PVC

50mm base


Painted so far this month: 32 / 31.  +1 past target!

Painted so far this year: 32 / 365.  Just 333 to go!


Dark Vengeance: Chaos Marine with Lightning Claws

Every few months I get the itch for some Chaos Marines. Good thing I have the minis from Dark Vengeance set lying about to scratch with.

170115-dark-vengeance-chaos-marine-lightning-claws 170115-dark-vengeance-chaos-marine-lightning-claws-back

Here is the third one of the squad I have completed. They take ages to do, with all the busy details, so the squad will probably be finished sometime in 2025 or so.

Seeing as this is from the first version of Dark Vengeance, is only have the 25mm bases for them.


Chaos Marine with Lightning Claws

Warhammer 40.000: Dark Vengeance box set, Chaos faction

Games Workshop

HIPS plastic

25mm base



Painted so far this month: 10

Painted so far this year: 10

Minivember: Newhammer Spirit Hosts

The second and third Spirit Hosts from the Malignants starter set I bought some time ago.

Their small joints did not appreciate my heavy-handed drybrushing of these models, and so they kept breaking apart, needing repairs. Again and again.  Argh! Malignant models indeed!


161108-warhammer-spirit-host-yellow 161108-warhammer-spirit-host-blue

I do not like to paint larger models identically, but using similar basing and techniques still lets me keep a sort unit identity.



Group shot including the one I painted earlier.


Spirit Hosts

from Warhammer Age of Sigmar, the ghostly undead faction Malignants

Citadel miniatures

HIPS polystyrene plastic

50mm bases


Minivember tally: 3 (as these count as one)

Painted so far this month: 4

Painted so far this year: 328



Into the Silver Tower: Blanka, the Ogroid Thaumaturge

And the award for most pretentious name given to a class of model 2016 goes to…

The Ogroid Thaumaturge! ’cause GW can’t own the more classic Ogre Mage.

(“Traumaturge” would have been a great name for this one)

161030-silver-tower-ogroid-thaumaturge-1 161030-silver-tower-ogroid-thaumaturge-2

After a harrying time fighting through the streets beating up all the little girls and beefy men around the Silver Tower, Blanka finally found his way in and entered the service of the Gaunt Summoner. Here his innate ability to give electric shocks was enhanced to include many other magical attacks and he was blessed with horns, hooves and a ram rod.


Ogroid Thaumaturge

from the Silver Tower game set

Games Workshop, 2016

Polystyrene plastic

50mm base


Painted so far this month: 28

Painted so far this year: 324


Into the Silver Tower: Skaven Deathrunners

This month I have been painting just small drips and dabs here and there in between everything else in what little time I have had for such things. So I have not really been able to do all that much. But I did get few hours in yesterday, and so I managed to actually finish off the Skaven from the Silver Tower:


161030-silver-tower-skaven-deathrunners-1 161030-silver-tower-skaven-deathrunners-2

I should have taken individual pictures, as the left mini is chronically a bit out of focus.


Anyway, I did not want to make them too different as they are supposed to be identical in the game, one being an illusion of the actual assassin.


With the deathrunner scurrying about in his tower I imagine the Gaunt Summoner goes like this:



Skaven Deathrunner Assassins

from the Silver Tower game set

Games Workshop, 2016

Polystyrene plastic

32mm bases.



Painted so far this month: 27

Painted so far this year: 323

Into the Silver Tower: Pink and Brimstone Horrors of Tzeentch

At last I got round to finishing the last Pink Horror:


For some reason, this one took ages and ages and ages to finish.


And the delightful little Brimstone Horrors:


These little fiery fiends are apparently what a Blue Horror splits into when killed. Love ’em!

I used black flock as they have burned off the foliage!


Pink and Brimstone Horrors

from The Silver Tower game set

Games Workshop, 2016

Polystyrene plastic

32mm and 25mm bases


Painted so far this month: 25

Painted so far this year: 296