’till the fat baby rings

Closing in on the end of the year with a big one. And those two others.

Great Unclean One

The Great Unclean One, Greater Daemon of Nurgle from the Warhammer universes, painted to fit Urutaa, my Nurgle Daemon army.

This is a mini that has been sitting around for a couple of years, I bought and built it not too long after it was released. I picked it out for the end of year big one, nudged by the chaosalong on the minipainting discord. Two birds in one stone.

This is  30046 “Cleric, Champion of Maersuluth” from Reaper’s 2021 Bones USA line.
Sculpted by Jason Wiebe
40mm base
aka Crabstick Jones, on the Deep One Expedition to Dryland.
An old school fishy Chaos Warrior in my book. That weapon looks like it is made for shucking shellfish the hard way.

Maersuluth is, as far as I have gathered, an evil sea goddess from Reapers Brinewind setting. I expect she would be similar in aspect as well as in name to Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

44136 Fungal Guardian
From the Bones 4 KS, Darkreach expansion
Sculpted by Christine Van Patten

Bones Black PVC
40mm base

I used some plastic putty to cover it in spikes, creating a Spikeshroom.

Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  361 / 365 goal // scenery and terrain: 6)
January: 38 // 5
February: 20
March: 11 / 1
April: 8
May: 13
June: 20
July: 87 
August: 40
September: 21
October: 21
November: 30
December: 35

[per day #361: 0]

4 days to go, 4 minis needed to be painted to reach the goal. Stay on target!

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