The Ghoul Goon Squad

Between receiving both the Conan and the Others 7 Sins KS pledge rewards, I have been spending my time gawking at all the lovely new shiny plastic minis.

My first impressions, both Conan and The Others:

The Mins are awesomely detailed, even though they are in preassembled “board game plastic” I can see very little flash, just a few pieces with visible mould lines. Some of the abominations have mould lines running down their long thin arms and/ or tentacles though. I also see that some minis have a small hole or mark where the sprue has been cut or broken off, and this is usually somewhere around the midriff or thigh-areas.

Qualitywise the minis are on par with the level of excellence achieved in Blood Rage, and for the most part better than Cthulhu Wars (the latter do have some mould line issues but are otherwise great (…old ones). Keeping in mind that all these minis are made in board game platic and not resin.

Some of the preassembled minis will be problematic to get access to paint all visible details, what with all the mouths within mouths and great big tusken teeth, especially the Others’ Avatar of Envy.

Game components seem to be well printed and in good quality board game cardstock. I must admit I have not bothered with looking too closely at the boards books and bits yet,.. still ogling those fabulous minis. The books seem well laid out, in full glossy colour and have lots in illustrations though out. Whether the game itself is worth playing remains to be seen.

Also, there are rather a lot of minis here! Enough to keep one occupied for months to come!

At any rate, as far as the minis go, both thumbs and a fair amount of tentacles up!

so, with that off my chest, I painted some old Citadel Ghouls that I recently traded in.



I just love these old Warhammer 5th ed Ghoul sculpts. The best Ghouls ever made in my opinion. I do have a bunch of these from earlier, but on those itty bitty 20mm square bases they originally came with.  I painted these quite differently. And quickly.



Warhammer Fantasy Battles, the Vampire Counts faction

Games Workshop


30mm bases


Painted so far this month: 24

Painted so fer this year: 320




Souls of the Damned

In Shadows of Brimstone the Caverns of Cynder expansion, there are rules for Cynder-versions of two of the monster types in the Swamps of Death base game.

With the first wave of the KS rewards came an extra set of the base game minis, so I had some I could paint up as the varients.

One of which is Hellbats becoming LavaBats, and the other is The Hungry Dead becoming Souls of the Damned:



Now, there should have been 12 of these, but for some reason I did four of them earlier as regular Hungry Dead. So now there are only 8 left to do as spirits….

…but not to despair! We gotsa lotsa Bones to pick!


With a bunch of leftover Stetson-wearing Bones from the KS that otherwise probably never would have seen a lick of paint, the ticket is filled nicely.

Painted with coloured ink washes over light grey undercoat, when dry this was followed by drybrushing with very light versions of the base colours. Basically I used these to try out different combinations of colours to see what would work. Some turned out better than others.

I used black flock on a black base since Cynder is all burned and charred (and I simply could not be arsed to do lava bases).


Souls of the Damned (aka The Hungry Dead)

from Shadows of Brimstone Swamps of Death base set.

Flying Frog Productions

HIPS plastic

30mm bases


and 6 assorted Bones Cowboys and -gals

Reaper Miniatures

Bonesium PVC

30mm bases


Painted so far this month: 14

Painted so far this year: 310




Into the Silver Tower: Pink and Brimstone Horrors of Tzeentch

At last I got round to finishing the last Pink Horror:


For some reason, this one took ages and ages and ages to finish.


And the delightful little Brimstone Horrors:


These little fiery fiends are apparently what a Blue Horror splits into when killed. Love ’em!

I used black flock as they have burned off the foliage!


Pink and Brimstone Horrors

from The Silver Tower game set

Games Workshop, 2016

Polystyrene plastic

32mm and 25mm bases


Painted so far this month: 25

Painted so far this year: 296





Circle of Chaos: Ajjatahr the Corrupted Dryad

Circle of Chaos was a small kickstarter by a group of sculptors who each contributed one or two sculpts. The idead was (obviously) to create a small old school Warhammer Realms of Chaos warband with mutations and all. I loved the concept and the seven varied individuals that make up the warband. I deeply regret not forking out for the big Rhino-centaur thing as well.

Oh well, I have started work on several of them, here is the first of these magnificent seven to be finished:



Some sort of corrupted, chaos or just plain evil man-sized treeman or dryad (not sure what they were called back then, or even now.) I opted to not go for the “Snow White Black Forest” look and rather indicate the foulness of this evil Groot with a strong, reddish glow around the black eyes and the toothy, leering smirk.



“The Circle of Chaos oldhammer warband” KS

run by Curtis Fell (the man behind Ramshackle Games), 2016


30mm base



Painted so far this month: 20

Painted so far this year: 291

Warhammer Quest: The Spiders

So we come to the Giant Spiders from the original Warhammer Quest game.


I use some sandpaper on the ends of the legs to get a larger surface for gluing to the bases. I used 30mm bases because I like them. So there. Real bitch to get the paint and then glue for the flocking underneath there though.


That leaves the rats left of the set of critters. Don’t have the full 12 though.


Giant Spiders

from the Warhammer Quest original game box set

Games Workshop

polystyrene plastic

30mm bases.


Painted so far this month: 19

Painted so far this year: 290

Reaper Bones Mountain Troll (as Armoured Snow Troll)

In the Frostgrave rendom encounter tables one of the options are two snow trolls at once. I did the blue Ice Troll a while ago and have been looking at this model to make it a compaion ever since.

The time had come.



Slightly larger, with much more armour and an axe (which refused to stay straightened. Not surprizing as it was a veritable noodle when it arrived.


And yeah. I think it works next to the other one. For comparison:

160719 reaper bones 77344 ice troll 160918-reaper-bones-77333-mountain-troll

Well, at least they are of the same general body type and size.


77333: Mountain Troll

Reaper Bones KS2

Bonesium PVC

50mm base


Painted so far this month: 7

Painted so far this year: 278






RAFM Dimensional Being

RAFM, the venerable Canadian miniatures company who amongst other things are known for their long-running selection of Call of Cthulhu miniatures, had a kickstarter for a reinvigorated line of Call of Cthulhu miniatures some time ago.

The KS did rather well, but RAFM ended up loosing a fortune due to selling the minis in the KS too cheaply and charging far too little for shipping, coupled with delays, currency rates dropping and getting screwed by both a sculptor and a resin supplier. I feel bad for them, they seem to be struggling, and reportedly have taken over 10.000 dollars in loss and have run out of money, needing to fund any remaining fulfilment out of ongoing sales revenue. And the market for their minis seems to be down. This is not the only KS they have had, and at least one other is also seriously delayed.

Luckily for me, I got my pledge reward a while ago. Great minis in a very hard alloy, plus some big resin monsters. Both thumbs up for the minis!

I prepped some of them, and here is the first I have finished:



Dimensional Being


Call of Cthulhu series


30mm base



Painted so far this month: 6

Painted so far this year: 277