Isle of the Beholders: 3D printed Axolote

You know what to listen to for this:


And they* said 3D printing poses no threat to traditional miniatures…

well maybe not yet, but still:


This is a 3Dprint I printed out myself on my cheapo Flashforge Finder. Printed in PLA with .01 layer height. I scaled it a bit randomly to make a large one.

The original model is by Axolote Gaming, an unexpected bonus item from their second Kickstarter, and also one of the better models of a Beholder I have seen yet.

You can see the stepping from the printing process if you look closely. This is particularily obvious in the teeth and the eyeball as.the gloss varnish I used on the eye really made the stepping apparent. It was not half as bad before.

At any rate, the stepping is really only apparent when looked at closely, or when magnified such as in the pictures. The fangs are a bit misshapen here and there, mostly from my printer not being all that great. I have not used a file when prepping, just clippers and a sharp hobby knife. Maybe a file would have straightened those teeth out properly. Something to try next time.

The tentacles are hollow as their cross sections are to small to include any infill. This means they are quite brittle and prone to snappin off. Luckily only one of them broke during the removal of the supports though.

My printer also left a lot of extremely fine hair-like strings attached to the finished print, so together with removing the print-supports there was quite a lot of prepwork.

At least I did not have to wash it to get rid of the mould’s release agents, as I have realized the truth: there is no mould.



A note about painting 3D models: Neither drybrushing nor washes are good techniques for them, as the stepping will get accented and more pronounced. (and here I am with drybrushing and washes as my favorite techniques… argh!)


and to make the size apparent:

I used a 50mm lipped base with a paperclip to make the stand.



model by Axolote Gaming

3D printed at .01 layer height


50mm base


*They still being Tom Kirby CEO of Games Workshop in  the 2014 GW Chairman’s Preamble to the Games Workshop CEO annual report.


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Minivember: Alabama Smith, or was it North Dakota Baker?

The LAF forum has for some time been running the Back of Beyond painting club, and I would have liked to enter something if only I had a Back of Beyond-themed mini to paint.

The theme being “Russian Civil War and Central Asia in the 1920s. Thus you may post everything about RCW or any rumbles at the time between 1917/1918 and 1930 in the far regions of Central Asia, included Mongolia, China, Far East, Tibet, NWF etc. And we’re talking here not only about historically correct stuff but also about some Pulpish interpretations of scientific expeditions in this area, e.g. adventurous scientists looking for lost treasures of ancient times”.

I have almost zero historical minis, same goes for Pulp…so nah.

But…after reading that again it finally clicked in my head.  “adventurous scientists looking for lost treasures of ancient times”… Wait a minute! I have a Bones mini that fits that bill!


161119-reaper-bones-80033-chronoscope-frank-buck-indiana-jones 161119-reaper-bones-80033-chronoscope-frank-buck-indiana-jones-back

Officially named “Frank Buck” I think something along the lines of “Mississippi Harrison” or “Oregon Ford” would have been more appropriate. This is by all accounts Henry, the Raider of the Lost Ark himself,


80033: Frank Buck Indiana Jones

Reaper Bones KS2

Bonesium PVC

30mm base


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The Ghoul Warlock

Another Ghoul, although unrelated to the previous goon squad. This one is from the RAFM Call of Cthulhu kickstarter.




The Ghoul Warlock was one of the unlocked stretch goals. He (obviously a he, what with the full frontal nudity and all) has an overlarge monster mouth, great big goat ears and cloven hooves.

So here he is in an animated pose, I imagine he is riling his troops, throwing a spell or maybe a tantrum.


Ghoul Warlock

RAFM co.

the Call of Cthulhu 7th ed line


30mm base


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RAFM Dimensional Being

RAFM, the venerable Canadian miniatures company who amongst other things are known for their long-running selection of Call of Cthulhu miniatures, had a kickstarter for a reinvigorated line of Call of Cthulhu miniatures some time ago.

The KS did rather well, but RAFM ended up loosing a fortune due to selling the minis in the KS too cheaply and charging far too little for shipping, coupled with delays, currency rates dropping and getting screwed by both a sculptor and a resin supplier. I feel bad for them, they seem to be struggling, and reportedly have taken over 10.000 dollars in loss and have run out of money, needing to fund any remaining fulfilment out of ongoing sales revenue. And the market for their minis seems to be down. This is not the only KS they have had, and at least one other is also seriously delayed.

Luckily for me, I got my pledge reward a while ago. Great minis in a very hard alloy, plus some big resin monsters. Both thumbs up for the minis!

I prepped some of them, and here is the first I have finished:



Dimensional Being


Call of Cthulhu series


30mm base



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Random mini: Chthon

Picked up a random mini to do today.


Whatever a “Chthon” is…  It looks like a cross between a rattlesnake and a facehugger, so I did a rattlesnake pattern on its back and facehugger fleshy colour, Yeah, forgot to take a pic of the back.  Argh,


77228: Chthon

Reaper Bones KS2

Bonesium PVC

30mm base


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(Hoody Hoo! That is the same number as I painted in the whole of 2015!)

Shadows of Brimstone: Last of the Stranglers

Reading through the Shadows of Brimstone: Caverns of Cyder otherworld expansion I got in the wave 1,5 shipment, I see that they have made Cynder-versions of the Hellbats called Lavabats and the Hungry Dead called Restless Spirits.

Which prompted me to look at what I had left of the extra set of sprues I got with the base games in the first KS shipment wave. I only had 8 left of the originally 12 hungry dead, for some strange reason I have painted 16 and not 12 of those. So now I have only 8 to make into restless spirits. Maybe I will use some Bones cowboys for some more restless spirits? Lord knows I probably won’t have a better use for them seeing as I got a load of new resin heroes for Brimstone in Wave 1,5.

But I am rambling. So anyway, I found that I had just 2 unpainted Stranglers -all the rest were already painted up.

This time I went with black and red:

160722 Shadows of Brimstone Stranglers

Ooo…tentacular! I love these minis. So simple yet so menacingly alien.

Simple and effective paint scheme, knocked them out in just a few minutes from the black base coat.



from the Shadows of Brimstone: City of Death game set (well, the extra KS sprues of those figures…)

Flying Frog Productions

HIPS plastic

30mm bases


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Y’Golonac, the Great Old One

Some time ago I came across this lovely little gem for sale second hand on a forum. I just had to have it.


160717 avolak castings great old one Ygolonac

Y’Golonac the Great Old one, The Defiler, The Lord of Depravity and Perversion…

Originally from one of Ramsay Campbells short stories, this is one of the few great old ones that can/bothers to communicate with humans, taking a humanoid form like headless fat man with mouths in his hands who likes to snack on whomever summons him.

For my part, I am thinking this mini will do nicely as a bear in Frostgrave. Or a greater demon. Somehow, I think it will see more use as a bear. It will be a pretty intimidating model to face anyhow. Easier to draw a line of sight to though on account of it’s size.


Great Old One: Y’Golonac the Defiler

Avolak Castings


50mm base


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