Penguins of the Southern Wilds

After the Northern Penguin aka Great Auk were hunted to extinction in 1844, the convergently evolved Penguins of the southern hemisphere continue to eke out their existence in the Antarctic.

Of course, the reality of the north and south poles being totally separate worlds has never stopped people from making stories and images with, say, polar bears and penguins in them. Or walruses. (Or Pandas).

Such as here at the North Pole where Santa lives, we also find Ice Golems using Giant Penguins as guardians on leashes.

Sic ‘im, Mumble!

This is another mini from the Ral Partha Europe kickstarter “Wicked Wonderland” featuring the Evil Santa I painted around Christmas, and some other polar creatures.

They are cast in metal, I made a 60x35mm base for them.

Sadly, the christmas minis seem to have gone from the RPE webside. Maybe they are only availabe for Christmas?

That still only counts as one, since they are connected and on the same base.

Hey! I could’ve sworn you were tap-dancing just now!

The three large penguins are from the Reaper Bones 4 kickstarter’s Fan Favorites expansion, and released to retail together with the Dire Penguin as the “44104 Penguin Attack Pack”.

The smaller penguin comes from Reaper “02848 Familiar Pack V” and is made in metal. I painted it as a chick on account of the perfect size.

And the Dire Penguin:

Because, of course there has to be Dire versions of Penguins too. It craves your fish!

This one did not want to be photographed against this background, and turned overexposed and invisible. We’ll call it well camouflaged. I had to faff about with global settings in photoshop to make these pictures even viewble. The rest of the photos were unusable.

I painted it for the Reaper challenge league’s January three colour challenge: choose and use any specific blue, green, pink. together with white and black from Reaper’s paint line. Mixing allowed, but only with those specific colours. You can see which ones I used in the picture.

I chose to paint it as a kind of wierd Albino Penguin, and only mixed in a small amount of the green for shading.

I did not have any other reaper black left, and had to use Nightmare Black which is a very dark blue black.

I mean, Dire Penguin? That is some serious Cosmic Horror right there. Where is a Shoggoth when you need one to come and clean up?

Featuring minis from:

Ice Golem & Giant Penguin

Ral Partha Europe

“Wicked Wonderland” kickstarter


44401 Penguin Attack Pack

Sculpted by Jason Wiebe

Bones Black

25mm bases.

Penguin from the 02848 Familiar Pack V

Sculpted by Sandra Garrity or Michael Brand


15mm base.

The reaper minis are all available from

These minis were finished on Jan 23rd, 2021.

Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  19 / 365 goal // scenery and terrain: 0)

January: 19

Bones 4 Fan Favorites Expansion:  16 / 40  Just 24 to go! 

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