The Others 7 Sins: Hell Club: Grin

Next member of the Hell Club, those thorougly nasty Cenobite-lookalikes who summoned the Sins to the City in the first place, is Grin.


170129-others-7-sins-hell-club-grin 170129-others-7-sins-hell-club-grin-front 170129-others-7-sins-hell-club-grin-side 170129-others-7-sins-hell-club-grin-back

This would be the Gimp of the club. Probably sleeps in a locked chest in the basement.



Grin, member of the Hell Club

The Others: 7 Sins board game set

Guillotine Games / Studio McVey

Rigid PVC

35mm integral base



Painted so far this month: 31 / 31. Complete!

Painted so far this year: 31 / 365.  Just 334 to go!


The Others: Sloth controller, the man in the trenchcoat.

I originally thought I would do this one up as John Constantine the Hellblazer, on account of the trenchcoat. But him being blonde made the hair looked far to samey with the trenchcoat and all. So I did the film version instead 😛



I took some pics of the back as well, but they turned out blurry, every single one of them. It’s not all that interesting anyway, just a tentacle or two poking out here and there.


Sloth Controller

The Others: 7 Sins basic game set

PVC plastic

25mm base


Painted so far this month: 9

Painted so far this year: 9


Sedition Wars Strain Phase 2 Exoform, “Quasimodo”

The Strain infects living hosts and by forced mutation rapidly transforms them to living weapons incorporating flesh and machine. Each “phase” being a stage og further mutations making the host/victim so much more formidable.

So the phase 2 exoform is a single step up from the unarmed mook cyber zombie…


161219-sedition-wars-strain-phase-2-exoform-2-eye 161219-sedition-wars-strain-phase-2-exoform-2-front 161219-sedition-wars-strain-phase-2-exoform-2-back

The second phase of mutations making it both larger and with the left arm turned into an effing plasma gun!

Too small a base for my tastes though. Even though I have added a metal weight beneath it, the mini keeps tipping over at the slightest provocation.

Damn those Sedition Wars restic minis are fine!


Strain phase 2 exoform #2 “Quasimodo”

From Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster game set

Studio McVey / Cool Mini Or Not


25mm base


Painted so far this month: 20

Painted so far this year: 384

The Others: Agents of F.A.I.T.H: Thorley and Karl (human form)

The defending human faction in The Others board game consists of a number of cyberpunk / future agents and operatives including both normal and enhanced humans, and supernaturals such as werewolves and half-demons…


161130-the-others-faith-thorley-front 161130-the-others-faith-thorley-back

Thorley, Alpha Team.

The red base shows he is a Bruiser class hero


161130-the-others-faith-karl-human-form-front 161130-the-others-faith-karl-human-form-back

Karl the Werewolf in his human form. Alpha Team.

The green base shows he is a Fixer class hero.


Thorley and Karl (human form)

The Others: 7 Sins base game set

Guillotine Games / McVey Studios


25mm integral bases


Minivember tally: 29

Paited so far this month: 39

Painted so far this year: 363

The Others: 7 Sins: Hell Club: Gourd & Vex (too many colons!)

The Others: 7 Sins is a board game that kickstartered about a year ago, and that recently was delivered in full in a single shipment. Tentacular, Lovecraftian horror meets cyberpunk future when tentacular demonic forces embodying the 7 cardianl sins invade the last  city on Earth, where members of the high tech human F.A.I.T.H organisation fight the demons and their minions to delay the inevitable end of all things.

There are so many excellent minis here.


We start with the Hell Club, a group of humans plotting evil, very reminiscent of the Cenobites from the Hellraiser series, being heavily into strap’n’leather rubber clothing and body modification…


First out are Gourd and Vex, Minime cenobites. Both of short stature and shorter tempers.

161125-the-others-hell-club-gourd-and-vex-f 161125-the-others-hell-club-gourd-and-vex-b

An interesting pair, obviously very much in love. ah. I am such an incurable romantic.

Go get the Gimp for some fun and games!


Gourd and Vex of the Hell Club

The Others: 7 Sins board game

Guillotine Games / McVey Studios


35mm base


Minivember Tally (this counts as one): 27

Painted so far this month: 37

Painted so far this year: 361


Sedition Wars: The Doom Slayer Vanguard Trooper

Inspirational music:


I play some DOOM every once in a while, and every time I do I think of Sedition Wars (because, let’s face it, the inspiration is apparent.)

Making up my mind to do something about it, I set out to try and make a speed paint version of the Doom Slayer colour scheme. This was the result:

161113-sedition-wars-vanguard-triooper-doom-slayer 161113-sedition-wars-vanguard-triooper-doom-slayer-back

Starting on a black undercoat, a two-tone brown/leather brown base coat. Olive heavy drybrush, then lighter yellow olive drybrush. Desert tan gun casing and a mix of yellow olive and desert tan for helmet and details. Some black and yellow for bits. Angels dark green on the visor, and just a few line highlights here and there.

Base drybrushed boltgun metal, washed with strong tone quickshade ink and some blobs of red quickshade ink. Solid black rim. Done.


Since the Sedition Wars kickstarter rewards turned out so dissappointing for many backers, the game and its minis have been consigned to oblivion it seems.

McVey Studios apparently have dropped the line entirely, to concentrate on making minis for others. (as in The Others: 7 sins game and such like).

For my part, after getting over the surprise of “premium plastic minis” turning out to be restic, I found the Sedition Wars mins to be quite nice actually. After growing familiar with the material, I find I do not agree with all the internet hate directed towards restic. It is good for it’s use. The Sedition Wars minis also prove that the material can make really good minis.

At any rate, after spending a lot of time prepping all that restic, they have been consigned to the drawers of doom with heaps of other KS minis like Dreadball, Deadzone and Mars Attacks!.

I originally thought I would like to do the Vanguard Troopers like Stormtroopers, all in white and black. Since white and black are inherently hard to do, at least quickly, I put them off and off and after a while moved on to other things.

Until now.

Also, I think these will do nicely for Enforcers for Deadzone and Warpath.


Vanguard Trooper

from the Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster game set.

(if you can get hold of a copy, do so! Great minis even though the game itself was a bit …untested.)

McVey Studios


25mm base


Minivember tally: 14

Painted so far this month: 19

Painted so far this year: 343