Harlequin Minotaur

In the late 1990s Harlequin miniatures was the Mantic of the day. Making cheap, no-brand minis specifically aimed at Warhammer Fantasy. The used several sculptors with a variable results. Many og the minis they released were just terrible. But then there were the minis by Kev White. The same Kev White known for Hasslefree Miniatures these days.

Here is one:


This is one of the few Kev White Harlequin minis I did not own back in the day. Luckily I was able to trade for it some months ago, together with several other goodies.

And now it is painted. I opted to do this one simply and not go piebald or ruin it with bad tattoos. I suck at freehand.



Harlequin Miniatures, late 1990s

sculpted by Kev White


50mm base


Painted so far this month: 20  / 31.  11 to go!

Painted so far this year: 84 / 365. Just 281 to go!

Moria Goblin …Spitters?

I have for some time been collecting loads of Lord of the Rings goblins and orcs, almost enough to make a Kings of War army…or two. I need to get some cavalry and such though.

But for some reason I have not really goten round to actually start painting them. Gahd, there are alot!

Methinks it’s time to break the spell.


The first 10 Moria Goblin archers,

They did turn out rather darker than I would have liked.


Next time, remember to use lighter base colours.


Moria Goblins with Bows

from Lord of the Rings Miniatures Battle Game: Fellowship of the Ring, ca 2001

Games Workshop

HIPS plastic

20mm bases.


Painted so far this month: 31 / 28.  +3, and all 31 done in 3 days!

Painted so far this year: 64 / 365. Just 301 to go!

The Ghoul Goon Squad

Between receiving both the Conan and the Others 7 Sins KS pledge rewards, I have been spending my time gawking at all the lovely new shiny plastic minis.

My first impressions, both Conan and The Others:

The Mins are awesomely detailed, even though they are in preassembled “board game plastic” I can see very little flash, just a few pieces with visible mould lines. Some of the abominations have mould lines running down their long thin arms and/ or tentacles though. I also see that some minis have a small hole or mark where the sprue has been cut or broken off, and this is usually somewhere around the midriff or thigh-areas.

Qualitywise the minis are on par with the level of excellence achieved in Blood Rage, and for the most part better than Cthulhu Wars (the latter do have some mould line issues but are otherwise great (…old ones). Keeping in mind that all these minis are made in board game platic and not resin.

Some of the preassembled minis will be problematic to get access to paint all visible details, what with all the mouths within mouths and great big tusken teeth, especially the Others’ Avatar of Envy.

Game components seem to be well printed and in good quality board game cardstock. I must admit I have not bothered with looking too closely at the boards books and bits yet,.. still ogling those fabulous minis. The books seem well laid out, in full glossy colour and have lots in illustrations though out. Whether the game itself is worth playing remains to be seen.

Also, there are rather a lot of minis here! Enough to keep one occupied for months to come!

At any rate, as far as the minis go, both thumbs and a fair amount of tentacles up!

so, with that off my chest, I painted some old Citadel Ghouls that I recently traded in.



I just love these old Warhammer 5th ed Ghoul sculpts. The best Ghouls ever made in my opinion. I do have a bunch of these from earlier, but on those itty bitty 20mm square bases they originally came with.  I painted these quite differently. And quickly.



Warhammer Fantasy Battles, the Vampire Counts faction

Games Workshop


30mm bases


Painted so far this month: 24

Painted so fer this year: 320




Putting the Fear into Friar

During the last few months I have traded and bought a good deal of second hand metal minis through a forum I joined, and several miniatures I do not know any details about have come into my possession.

Here is one of them:


160719 foundry monk2 160719 foundry monk

…or is he recoiling from the cross? Was he bitten last night and has only just gotten out of sick bed?


Wargames Foundry “Father Liam” from VIK048 Viking Raiders (Thanks to Mad Jack on the Reaper forum for the info)

Good to see my inkling was correct.

I have an inkling that it might be Casting Room Miniatures (Wargames Foundry), but have yet to get this confirmed. If anybody knows where this is from, please let me know.

Anyhow, a lovely little fat friar, and I love my cleric-types. I think I will call this one Friar Turner.


Pax Vobiscum.


“Father Liam” from VIK048 Viking Raider

Wargames Foundry


30mm base


Painted so far this month: 12

Painted so far this year: 218

Y’Golonac, the Great Old One

Some time ago I came across this lovely little gem for sale second hand on a forum. I just had to have it.


160717 avolak castings great old one Ygolonac

Y’Golonac the Great Old one, The Defiler, The Lord of Depravity and Perversion…

Originally from one of Ramsay Campbells short stories, this is one of the few great old ones that can/bothers to communicate with humans, taking a humanoid form like headless fat man with mouths in his hands who likes to snack on whomever summons him.

For my part, I am thinking this mini will do nicely as a bear in Frostgrave. Or a greater demon. Somehow, I think it will see more use as a bear. It will be a pretty intimidating model to face anyhow. Easier to draw a line of sight to though on account of it’s size.


Great Old One: Y’Golonac the Defiler

Avolak Castings


50mm base


Painted so far this month: 10

Painted so far this year: 216