The Dead Wedding

The red will flow.

Randominis, day #20: The Dead Wedding.
consisting of
Strange Aeons (1st edition) SA-011 “Zombies” by Uncle Mike’s Miniatures, 2011

“Mister Grubbs, Undead Halfling with Ghost Pie” from Midlam Miniatures’ Ghosts of Midlam Manor kickstarter set, 2018

Zombies are quite forgiving to paint. Doesn’t really matter if I get sloppy.

Some time ago, I got some of the white resin Strange Aeons first edition miniatures in a trade forum lot. They are in truth a bit rough in the details, but cool minis all the same. The bride, groom and priest were sold as a set called “zombies”.
25mm bases

Keeping an eye on the pie.

20mm base

I have added them to the horde.

I object to this marriage!

Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  160 / 365 goal // scenery and terrain: 6)
January: 38 // 5
February: 20
March: 11 / 1
April: 8
May: 13
June: 20
July: 50

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