Inbetweeners: Bones 2+4 bits

Presently I am working on entries for the Lead Painters League 13, which kicks off come end of September. The league is a painting competition for the members of the lead adventure forum and participants are to send in a single photo of a coherent team of at least 5 miniatures each week starting late […]

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Bones 4: City Guard

Mat and Pat of the City Guard. Or whatever Reaper calls these minis. So far the only names I have for them is Bones 4 Core set #14 and #15. STOP PRESS: Upon actually checking the internets, it seems that they are already available cast in metal, and called “City Guard (2)”. A no brainer, […]

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Bones 4: Half-Ogre Fighter

In the grand scheme of things, this Ogre Palace Guard proxy for Kings of War Vanguard turned out to be a Half-Ogre Fighter when I googled it. Number 4 on the Bones 4 core set graphic, but no official code as of yet.   B4Core #4 The casual, brute strength on display straight-arming that shield […]

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Bones 4: Knights

The subset called “knights” in the Bones 4 core set.   I did these at the same time as the two heroes in the last post. These are more NPC or henchmen-types. Wait a minuite! Do I really think that just because they have covered faces? Dang! I chose to use plain white capes, loincloths […]

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Bones 4: in Shining Armour

Time for something not monstery but maybe from a monastery. From the Bones 4 core set a female paladin-type and a male foot knight-type. Seeing as they are as of yet unreleased I will henceforth call these minis by their numeric designations on the Bones 4 core set graphic (as seen at the bottom of […]

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Bones 3+4 Goblins

Delving into the Bones 4 core set, we start by pulling out the 24 bonus goblins that originally were in the Bones 3 core set. And add to them the 12 that I have from the previous kickstarter for a grand total of 36 goblins, 6 each of 6 different sculpts. I actually think I […]

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