Dark Vengeance: Chaos Marine with Lightning Claws

Every few months I get the itch for some Chaos Marines. Good thing I have the minis from Dark Vengeance set lying about to scratch with.

170115-dark-vengeance-chaos-marine-lightning-claws 170115-dark-vengeance-chaos-marine-lightning-claws-back

Here is the third one of the squad I have completed. They take ages to do, with all the busy details, so the squad will probably be finished sometime in 2025 or so.

Seeing as this is from the first version of Dark Vengeance, is only have the 25mm bases for them.


Chaos Marine with Lightning Claws

Warhammer 40.000: Dark Vengeance box set, Chaos faction

Games Workshop

HIPS plastic

25mm base



Painted so far this month: 10

Painted so far this year: 10

Into the Silver Tower: The Purple Horror of Tzeentch

The Pink Purple Horror:

160821 Silver Tower Pink Horror A

The other is pink, but a way of to be finished.  These have so much detail and take ages to paint!



Pink Horror of Tzeentch / Herald of Tzeentch

from the Silver Tower base game set

by Games Workshop

also for Age of Sigmar / Warhammer 40.000

HIPS plastic

32mm base


Painted so far this month: 7

Painted so far this year: 240

Unfinished business: Tyranid Gaunts

I have gone a month or so without touching paint to mini. After my summer holiday I simply have not had the inclination. Or rather, I have not had the inclination at the same time as opportunity.

Sigh. I have been moving boxes and bags about in the cellar to make room for knocking down walls and breaking up parts of the concrete floor. There is much work to be done before the refurbished cellar rooms can be moved into properly.

At any rate, I found some old half painted Tyranids in one of the boxes. They were not that far off from being finished, so I did that and based them up. I think these were some of the last things I painted before simply stopping and going on my so-called gamer break.

160820 40k tyranid termagants

I still think of these as “hunter-killers”

160820 40k tyranid hormagaunts

Yeah, I love my horde swarm armies.

I seem to remember selling off the rest of the tyranids I had bought to start an army with more than a decade ago, when these minis were new.


At least I have these to remember them by.



Warhammer 40.000, Tyranid Faction

HIPS plastic

25mm bases


Finished so far this month: 4


Finished so far this year: 237


Oldhammer: Pink and Blue Horrors of Tzeentch

I have been going through some of my boxes of older minis to find some I can sell to fund my massive overspending on minis and kickstarters. And I came across these excellent old blighters. Not selling those. Oh no.

160714 oldhammer horrors group

160714 oldhammer pink horror

How can you not love that adorable face?

160714 oldhammer blue horror 2

160714 oldhammer blue horror 3

160714 oldhammer blue horror 1

160714 oldhammer blue horror 4

With these I continued experimenting with my old inks over a zenithal primer. Each was given a wash in a different old blueish ink (the pink one was red ink), and when dry I messed a bit around with different colours/effects on each of them, knocking back the shininess by finishing with a drybrush with very light blue-white (pink white).  Nothing too amibtious. They ended up quite similar.

Anyhow, I think they turned out well.



Pink and Blue Horrors of Tzeentch

Warhammer /  Realm of Chaos (sometime in the 1980s)


25mm bases



Painted so far this month: 8

Painted so far this year: 214

Back from my summer holiday, finishing the Cockroach Cluster!

Back from the summer holidays at last, I am trying to get something done about all the stuff just standing about and cluttering up my shelving. Lots of it is just standing around awaiting undercoats or what not.

I have started with some of those that have gone a step beyond the undercoat, first up is the rest of the Space Hulk Genestealers have been standing about needing some TLC for a while. I have been thinking alot about how to base them, as many of them simply are not stable enough on their integral scenic base.

But seeing as the integral bases are all rectangular and many are built up, the 25mm round bases Genestealers use in 40k do not fit, and I did not want to use 40mm bases, as that would make them difficult to conga-line up in the game, I have not done anything about them.

A few weeks ago I came across some oval laser cut wooden bases by Warbases.co.uk, and after some testing I decided to base them with those. I had to use three different sizes to accommodate the diverse minis. In game I have to stand the minis sideways to fit them on the boards when they are in a conga line, but I usually have to do that anyway, so I don’t mind that at all.

150817 Genestealers

I painted the bases simple black and finished them with the same black flock I use on my Dreadball minis, as I simply could not be arsed to detail the bases any more then they already are. I think it works.

I have also rebased all the previously finished Genestealers, now they are all done!


Minis painted so far this month: 11

Minis painted so far this year: 162