Marching on

Another period of work eating into my hobby time. I did get these done though.

Going right to left this time:

Darius the Bluebeard, painted for the “new release” category in the Reaper Challenge League.

aka 30002 Darius the Wizard, one of the brand spanking new miniatures cast in the Bones USA material. This mini has some pretty impressive detail going on. Look for example at the texture on the inside of the cloak, here shown on the back:

I tried to paint it in a way to emphasize the two sides of the cloak.
This new material is very promising. I am certainly looking forward to see what Reaper can manage to produce in this material in the future.

The hat is pointier than the sword!

Sculpted by Bobby Jackson

Bones USA

30mm base

Moving along

For the Heavy Conversion category. This is the Demon Lord Porkus, Supreme Master of the Undead. Not to be confused with the Demon Lord Orkus, Lord of the Undead from the D&D Forgotten Realms game world.

Of course, there might be a few superficial similarities, such as both being semi-naked giant-sized humanoids with porcine heads and flappy wings that do not look like they would be capable of actual flight.

But apart from that there are significant differences. Such as this one not having a weapon. Yeah. That’s one difference. And this Porkus is spelled with a P. And he has a serious case of the rash going on.
So anyway.

I built this by beheading an extra Bones 4 44002 Rock Troll that I had lying about. The Bones Black material is rigid and hard, a right boar to try to hack into. I have both broken blades and drawn blood before hitting upon the solution that makes the material much easier to work with: Heat.
So now, whenever I need to chop, slice or otherwise cut into a Bones Black model, I boil some water and drop the mini into a bowl of the recently boiled water for a few minutes.

This makes the material rubbery and pliable, much like the bendy white classic bones. It also lets me slice and cut like the bendy white material. And I can handle the material with my fingers after fishing it out of the water, strangely enough.

So, off with the troll’s head. Chop chop. Off went alot of the rock crystal detail on the back and shoulders also.
I drilled out holes and inserted a pair of metal wings I had lying about in my box of ancient bits. they originally came from a Warhammer Wood Elf Warhawk rider model that was missing some part. Ditto the head, that came off an Orc Warlord’s Warboar. Some drilling and pinning later, when the glue had set I went at it with some brown stuff. this is similar to green stuff, only it is brown (duh), softer when mixed and can hold a sharper edge than green stuff. More importantly, I have a roll of it.

I admit there is a bit rough texture going on in the brown stuff there. I am certainly not a sculptor, and probably would not have the patience to become one even if I wanted to.
Fine for tabletop use though.

60mm base


The other kelpie, for the limited palette challenge. This time the colours were Purple, Green and Gold.
I set myself the extra challenge of making it similar enough to Februrary’s Kelpie to pass as a pair. After all, they are a pair.
Only goes to show what is possible with some careful mixing of colours and a whole lotta dumb luck.
However, I made a mistake in my hurry to get her ready for photos and used my other little box of sand when basing this one. Dang.

So anyway, that is the pair of them done. Now they are ready to give lure some unwitting human man into the water with the promise of some hot snugglebunnies. That of course turns out to be something completely different. How does fish procreate again? Let’s see…the female squirts out its roe and later the male squirts its milt all over the roe. Done. No touchy-touchy going on there at all.

77275 Kelpies (2)

Sculpted by Patrick Keith
Bones 1 core set
Classic white Bones

30mm base

Last but not least

Necron warrior of the Black Pharaoh

A proof of concept mini for my Indomitus necrons.

I have for the longest time had the idea for a Necron army to paint them in simple gloss black with red and silver detail.
This is a very quick paint job and would let me get the army on the table in short order.

That is, if I can even get started with it.

So I decided to try the idea out on one of the warrior mooks.
I think it actually looks a bit better IRL than on the pictures, as the pictures tend to freeze the reflections in time. At any way, I think it works well enought to finish the squad. Then we will see about the rest of the army. Get it done by Christmas, maybe?

Necron Warrior

from the Indomitus starter boxed set for Warhammer 40.000, 2020

32mm base

Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  65 / 365 goal // scenery and terrain: 5)

January: 36 // 5
February: 20
March: 9

The Bones 1 Core Set, aka “Vampire Pledge”

Currently at 119 of 241 minis painted. If I remember correctly that is.

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