LPL13 round 2: Raising Livestock

Second round is over, and here is my entry:   “Raising Livestock” These minis are primarily from Bears Head Miniatures, the 2017 kickstarter “March of the Dead”. The leftmost one, however, is a repainted and rebased Mage Knight mini. I painted the whole lot in a flurry of sudden panic the day before I was […]

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TTCombat: Halfling Spirits

Late last year TTCombat, the wargaming supplies branch of Troll Trader, the large and successful British miniatures shop on Ebay, held a kickstarter campaign called “Halflings and Fantasy Friends”. This campaign featured… well, Halflings for the most part (duh!) and also a buch of monsters. All in a cartoony style, in resin and all at […]

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Ghouls’ Night Out

Moving to the Tray of Miniatures that are Prepared And Ready To Paint #42, we come to this little group of Ghouls that are out and about with their Strigoi chaperone. Originally released for Warhammer Fantasy Battles 5th edition back in 1999 (they say 1998 on the slotta tab) 32 of the blighters including one […]

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Random mini of the week 1: The Bears Head Miniatures “Skeleton Musician 1” playing the maracas! Talk about your literal Deathrattle miniature.   Just your basic nekkid skellie, armed with rattleheads. Chica chica chica! Very basic and quick paint job, the whole thing in yellowed bone over a grey undercoat, a wash of Citadel Reikland […]

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More Mantic Mummies

In the first Mantic Kings of War kickstarter back in 2012 they made some heroically proportioned Mummies. Which was a bit strange, as most other minis were closer to tru-scale 28mm and hence much thinner and with smaller weapons etc. Mantic has never been very consistent with neither scales nor styles. Also, they were much […]

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Heresy Wraith

A metal miniature that I got in a trade some time ago. I do not actually know who made it or what it is called. I think it is a Confrontation miniature on account of the scale, the quality of the sculpt, and because of the horribly thin arm parts that needed to be superglued […]

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Simple Bones Skeletons

Three minis that just have been standing around unpainted for some time. This is an extra pair of Skeletons I ordered with the first Bones Kickstarter, that I originally has slated for adding to the base of the Colossal Skeleton back when I was thinking along the lines of making that one into a Kings […]

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