Undead by Bear’s Head

Some minis from Bear’s Head Miniatures today. This company is a small, one-man operation where the sculptor Philip Hynes runs a small kickstarter campaign every so often with some minis he has sculpted, cast mostly in metal with a few of the larger ones in resin. I think he has run 7 or 8 KSers so far.

These are from the 2017 “March of the Dead”, his first kickstarter campaign. I bought the human-sized ones from the webshop later, even getting one extra for free with the shipment (thank you, Phil, much appreciated).

The minis have integral bases. I put the humans on 25mm bases, the minotaur on a 50mm base.

The large one is “Undead Minotaur”

These are called “Skeleton with knife”, “Headless Women” and “Anatomy Zombie”. Why he calls that firt one “skeleton” and not “Zombie” (or even just “Peekaboo”) I do not know. There is a lot of skin on them bones. Even if it is trying to cut some of it off…

Size matters not. Only Braaaiiins.

The undead featured here are some of the earliest minis to be released under the Bear’s Head name. They are smaller in scale than most of his later work.
Sculpted by Philip Hynes, cast in metal.

All are currently available from the Bear’s Head Minis webshop

Painting: Zombies and undead in general are simple to paint. Slap some colour on them, give them a dark wash or two, then drybrush lightly with a light grey or beige to unify the colours. Shiny blue eyes, Gore and/or Blood clots are optional.

These minis were finished on Jan 16th, 2021.

Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  5 / 365 goal // scenery and terrain: 0)

January: 9

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  1. Very interesting mini, that minotaur, and nice job on it!

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