Climbing Lead Mountain: Greater Lizardmen

It has been a slow start to the year, painting wise. Work is picking up and I have been a busy bee with all that, which unfortunately leaves not only little time, but also little inclination to do any more than to vegetate while staring off in to space. At least for the time being.

To paraphrase Bilbo, “I feel stretched thin, like to little butter spread over to too much toast.”

That said, I have actually painted a few other minis, but I am going to complete the groups they belong with before taking any pictures, so they will simply have to wait for when the starts are right.

The first group I completed this year are some old mid-90s lead-metal lizardmen from Harlequin Miniatures that I found in a bag of busted blister packs lying around one of my old storage boxes some time ago. The blister packs had not survied the ravages of time, the clear plastic now all yellow and cracked, the glue come completely loose and the foam insert starting to turn to powder. into the bin all the packaging went. Maybe I should have taken a picture.

Back in the day, I made an army’s worth of these blighters for the game Raven, also by Harlequin Miniatures. I bought some more when they went in the bargain bin and these went into a bag and were forgotten for years on end.

Model-wise these minis are a bit rough and ready, so I gave them a rough and ready paint job to fit. Incidentially this is more or less the same paint job I did the old army in, so I can mix and match when and if I unpack them from their storage boxes and rebase them from the unit strips they originally were mounted on.

This one is the Handler from 1293 Greater Lizardmen Handler & Snappers. The Snappers are your common or garden variety Velociraptors. I have painted a few ealier in this blog. Earlier as in “several years ago”.

1298 Greater Lizardmen Hero

1291 Greater Lizardmen Hero

These two are 1290 Greater Lizardmen Guards I

They all are relatively early Harlequin Miniatures, from the period in the mid 90s when they still made the minis with integral bases. Later they discontinued these as they switched to slottabases and released a series of totally redesigned egyptian themed lizardmen that were very different from these older ones.
I do not believe these are available any more at all.

I made them 40mm bases. I do not know who sculpted them.

Painting: Super fast paint job:
Black undercoat. Dark green heavy slightly wiped drybrush really for the basecoat. Two lighter greens in successive coats, drybrushed sloppily but with less and less force applied.
Terracotta sloppydrybrushed on the back, top of the head, shoulders and front thighs plus the tail. Sandy brown over this, buff on top. Details such as teeth, eyes and claws. Weapons, bases and done.
They were all done at the same time, batch painting-style. It is surprisingly effective for such a quick paint job. But sloppy! I should probably have gone over and fixed the worst mistakes but I was not in the mood for that this time. I just wanted them done.

The reason they are called Greater Lizardmen would be their size. They also had a range of matching Lesser Lizardmen that were more like human sized.

These minis were finished on Jan 12th, 2021.

Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  5 / 365 goal // scenery and terrain: 0)

January: 5

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1 comment

  1. These guys look so fun and quirky.
    Nice texture on them too.
    So glad you did a picture with a human sized miniature fighting them, really shows their size.
    Great work and great post.

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