Circle of Chaos: Brok

   Striking the classic heroic pose known as “foot on rock”, Brok is the sixth Circle member, with his trusty Sigmarite warhammer held high. He is the “normal” one, human without visible mutations and a prime physical specimen at that. His mutations are of the kind that are on the inside…   Brok from the […]

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Circle of Chaos: The Guardian

There are so many different projects cluttering up my workspace, and the Circle of Chaos minis are one of them. Having earlier completed the evil dryad as the first of the seven in the warband, here is number two: The Guardian:   A strange one this. Apparently an Empire foot knight with the long limbs […]

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Scorpions! Still loving you!

Since I do not particularily like 80s power ballads, there will not be any The Scorpions youtube videos here…       Mama and two of her little babies. Speedpainted on a black basecoat in blues, browns and reds.   …Now I want to play Fallout 4.     77337 Giant Scorpion  and 77125 Vermin: Scorpions […]

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Minivember: The Horned Hunter

All together now: *singing boisterously* Harry the Horny Hunter had an Enormous Horn…   When Mr Tumnus  done gone bad! I chose this one as an archer for my Frostgrave warband. A maliscious spirit of the forest come out to stick it to the man. Or stick it to Men rather.   89033: The Horned Hunter […]

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