The other – Chronopia Unliving

The second zombie for Frostgrave, the other Chronopia Unliving: Chronopia squaddies usually came in packs of 4, with 2 each of 2 seperate sculpts. This is the other sculpt, the first being done a week or so ago.   Chronopia Unliving, Sons of Kronos faction. Target Games, early ’00s Metal 30mm base   Painted so far […]

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More random rediscovered minis

Some more oldies I rediscovered and decided to paint. These are “The Drugged” from the Stygian faction in the excellent but defunct game Chronopia. The Stygian are a race of raptor-like warriors, and the Drugged are their human shields. As I had 15 of these finished from earlier times, I did these in an identical […]

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Unliving Wilding

Another random mini from the old boxes under the cellar stair, rediscovered and painted recently: Chronopia Sons of Kronos Unliving Wilding Wight Yep, I also read books and watch the telly now and then. So this one had to be a blue-eyed wight! He should of course have had more clothes on to have fitted […]

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I found some old zombie-miniatures that fit right into a unit I already have finished (and packed away in storage). So I did them really quick. I think they turned out well. These are old Harlequin miniatures zombies, once made for a game called Raven. The backstory was that the villagers in the Wurdalak Vampires’ […]

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