…and the DreadBall Crystallan Team

These are made in translucent blue plastic. (unlike their MVP. FFS!)

Only Jacks and Guards. It would seem that they are wearing bikinis. Go underwear league!

I enhanced the blue with Vallejo blue ink, and then a light drybrush with light blue. Dark redbrown details with a pale orange over, and Army Painter Red Quickshade ink on top. Dot in the eyes with almost white blue. Bases and done.


Crystallan Team

DreadBall, Season Six

Mantic Games

Translucent blue restic

DreadBall Hex bases.


Painted so far this month: 17  / 31.  14 to go!

Painted so far this year: 81 / 365. Just 284 to go!

DreadBall MVP Crypt. AKA Ben Grimm

The Season six Crystallans are made in translucent blue plastic. But not the MVP.

(as with the Ada-Lorana MVP. Again, WTF Mantic!?! I am sure there is some practical production reason, But FFS! How much more could it possibly have cost to make these moulds together with the teams, or even just shoot these minis together with whoever also is on the same mould with the translucent plastic instead of the regular grey?)

And Crypt will only ever play with Crystallan Teams? Pah!


Seeing as this mini is not translucent, I went with a completely different colour scheme:

170304-mantic-dreadball-mvp-crypt-sidef or 170304-mantic-dreadball-mvp-crypt-sidefb

170304-mantic-dreadball-mvp-crypt-frontf or 170304-mantic-dreadball-mvp-crypt-frontb


170304-mantic-dreadball-mvp-crypt-sidebf 170304-mantic-dreadball-mvp-crypt-backf

Still not sure which backdrop to go with. Still need to play around with the settings on the camera.

I thought this colour scheme was fitting for a rockmanbearpigthing that has been esxposed to cosmic radiation. Or something.


And yes, the team will shortly be finished as well.


Crypt the Crystallan MVP

DreadBall, Season 6

Mantic Games


DreadBall Hex base


Painted so far this month: 7  / 31.  24 to go!

Painted so far this year: 71 / 365. Just 294 to go!

DreadBall: The Ada-Lorana Team and Phantasm MVP

Time to speed up the PJs and get something done before the month’s end:



These are originally translucent blue. I wanted them to be greenish instead, which was easily accomplised with some vallejo green ink. Dot in some details and Hey, presto!

Bases as per my standard recognize-your-DreadBall-team-positions colour scheme, red for guard, yellow for jack and green for striker.

Always remember to prime tranlucents with some matte varnish or the paint will have problems sticking to the minis.


But the MVP was not made in translucent plastic, but in standard grey (…WTF Mantic!?!) and the same goes for the crystallan MVP. (ARGH!)

So I had to paint the damn thing with paint!

170227-mantic-dreadball-mvp-phantasm-front 170227-mantic-dreadball-mvp-phantasm-back 170227-mantic-dreadball-mvp-phantasm-side

So it turned out a little different than the others.


*sigh* Still works though.


Ada-Lorana Team and Phantasm the Ada-Lorana MVP

DreadBall season six

Mantic Games


DreadBall hex bases


Painted so far this month: 2/ 28.  7 to go. and one day left!

Painted so far this year: 54 / 365. Just 311 to go!

DreadBall: MVPs John Doe and The Praetorian

Oh, looking over some of my collection of newer minis I have prepped… Even though I have painted several teams and MVP, I still have two drawers full of Dreadball minis that are primed black, and a box of the second wave of DB Extreme minis that are untouched in bags. I dropped out of the DreadBall 2nd ed kickstarter as the minis presented there did not appeal to me all that much. And frankly, I needed to cut back on my kickstarter spending. So the latest three or four Mantic KS’s have not seen my pledges (apart from Star Saga which had Nameless in it!).

I already do have enough minis to last a lifetime, and the Mantic ones are so very hit and miss. Some I really like, others are shite city. Most are rather blandish. The big appeal with Mantic has always been a low(er than most comparable minis)  price point, and what you get are usually perfectly servicable minis. -mind you not Great minis, but servicable. But DreadBall does have good minis for the most part. And it is a great game.

Anyway. I look forward to the new 2nd ed ruleset and the hopeful revitalizing of general interest in the game. Only now that Blood Bowl is being re-released there might be a migration of players back to that game and away from DreadBall. For my part I find the two games scratch a slightly differnt itch. Not sure why, both are ball sports games (something which I find incredibly dull and uninteresting in real life)

John Doe:

161112-mantic-dreadball-mvp-nameless-john-doe-front 161112-mantic-dreadball-mvp-nameless-john-doe-back

I colour code the threat zones and the back facing on the bases with red for guard, yellow for jack and green for striker like traffic lights. That flock is mostly black IRL and not brown.

I always found the Nameless appealing. Something about all those Cthulhuesqe tentacles I think.

Perhaps it is time to break out that Nameless team and do them up in full colour?


The Praetorian:

161112-mantic-dreadball-mvp-the-praetorian-front 161112-mantic-dreadball-mvp-the-praetorian-back

The original Asterian Combat droid/drone/living automaton turned DreadBall Player.

The Mantic Space Elves using unmanned drones/robots much like Eldar Wraith Constructs. Go figure why.

I like the asterian droids, but I emphatically do not like the “living” asterian minis for Dreadball. There seems to be something wrong with their heads. They are probably my least favorite of the lot.


John Doe, Season 1 MVP (Nameless; Guard)


The Praetorian, Season 3 MVP (Asterian; Striker)

DreadBall, the Futuristic Sports Game

Mantic Games


Hex bases


Minivember Tally: 11

Painted so far this month: 14

Painted so far this year: 338

The Mighty Z’zor!

160103 the mighty zzor

This one had been on the shelf of the half-done for ages, the MVP for the DreadBall Z’zor team.

The pun should be obvious. He started out as the same too-bright green and red paint scheme I did the Z’zor team in, and dressed him up as the Odinson. Verily!

Oh well, the idea was better than the implementation.


Ludwig, Z’zor MVP

DreadBall season 2

Mantic games


Dreadball hex base



Painted so far this month and year: 2

Unfinished business, or: the remainder of the 2015 painting output.

This being a belated catch-up post to round off last year with what I managed to squeeze in the last days of 2015:

So…after 100+ hours travelling the Commonwealth and murdering almost every one and every thing I come across, playing the main quest to several different conclusions… I have at last managed to put Fallout 4 down and no longer play it as compulsively as I did most of December. Now all I need to do is to not start over now that I know what is useful and what is not in the game…

Which means I got to round off 2015 with some more hastily painted minis!


First, something hot:

151231 BnB fire

The Campsite Fire from Oathsworn Heroes KS resin scatter terrain, (I need to say that it looks much better IRL, with more sculpted detail than is apparent in the photo).

151231 reaper fire

77080: Wall of Fire from Reaper Bones KS2. This piece is made in orange coloured transparent Bones PVC.

Obviously, I still struggle with fire.

Oh well, I still have a few more of the transparent Bones to practice with.

Both on 30mm Bases. The Oathsworn one is integral.

next up are the DreadBall Xtreme Scoring Posts (or whatever they are called)

151231 dreadball scoring posts

These are the goals in DreadBall Xtreme. They are seperate pieces because of the varying pitch layouts you can have in the game.

Yes, they are rather simply painted, I just had the need to get these off the shelf.


I still have a ton of other bits like crates and barrels from that game to do whenever I get around to it, not to mention similar bits from DeadZone.

DreadBall Xtreme Scoring Posts
From the DreadBall Xtreme basic game set

Dreadball Hex bases
HIPS plastic.

Reaper Bones Shadow

151231 purple bansheeb 151231 purple banshee

Another experiment on a transparent Bones. this time the 77369: Shadow.

This one is transparent Purple and I tried to give it a kind of gradient with several colours, but I do not think it worked all that well. I need to put it in front of a bright light to see any of the colours.

I tried to highlight it with a careful drybrush, but that just ruined it further.

I think it might have worked much better if it was clear transparent instead of purple, since the purple is quite dark in itself.

Live and learn.

77369 Shadow

Reaper Miniatures Bones KS2
Bones PVC
30mm base


It Came from the 90s!

Harlequin Miniatures Lizardmen:


151231 Lizardmen small 151231 Lizardmen large 1 151231 Lizardmen large 2

Three old lead Lizardmen by Harlequin Miniatures round off the year. I found some in the old stash some time ago. For some reason, I really like these minis, even though they are a bit rough in the details.

Keeping it simple, done in much the same colour scheme as the Raptors I did earlier in the year. The shield on the smaller one is not the original for that model (which I could not find).


Lizardmen (Warriors or something like that, these minis are likely from at least two different packs)

Harlequin Miniatures

lead metal

30mm bases


Total painted in December: 17



So how did 2015 go?

When I started out 2015 I posted some new years resolutions:

1. Not to buy any miniatures (ebay or otherwise) apart from kickstarters unless said miniatures are funded by my own ebay sales.

I actually managed this one! I sold alot of old stuff on Ebay, and used the money from that for my outside of KS spending. There were just a few purchases from ebay, and the only store purchase was the Age of Sigmar box set. As far as I remember that is.

However…there were many kickstarters…and I think I spent a bit much. Again. But I did manage to not go bananas in the Warpath KS. Maybe I will manage to restrain myself in the pledge manager as well.  There was something I cannot quite out my finger on about that one that made me dial it down to a single dollar.

2. Paint some minis every month

Check. The Reapermini.com forum “resolutionary painting challenge” as a good help here.

3.  Try to complete a project / set of minis / squad before starting another.

I think maybe I will call this a “partial success” as I have completed many squads this year, but no complete armies and no complete game sets. Still have some Shadows of Brimstone left to do before I can say that.

I am rather flighty, and have many different projects started that really are going nowhere…So this one really never had any hope.

Total painted in 2015: 276

I don’t think that is a bad number at all. Of course, I tend towards a sloppyfast “tabletop+” finish, the + being that I go a step or two beyond block colours and I like to do the face and eyes.



I will be interesting to see what 2016 will bring!

(I just got three big boxes from three different Kickstarters -Dungeon Saga, Zombiecide Black Plague, and the last of the first Cthulhu Wars KS… so I am not lacking in things to paint!)




The Neo-Asterian

The success of the two DreadBall kickstarters meant that Mantic seemed to be scrabbling to come up with new and interesting models, races and concepts. Now there are teams of interdimentional four-legged freaks, crystal rock people, landlocked sharks, robed monks and bikini space elves with mohawks and bad dispositions. Not to mention twolegged pigmonsters (ever so slightly reminiscent of the pigdemons from Doom) and psychic floating jellyfish!

Love it.


151122 Dreadball Alo-Khan

this one is Alo-Khan, a special MVP from the “challenge cup” expansion, an Asterian Cypher that was lost on a junkyard planet, and has resurfaced as a “neo-asterian” that will not play with asterian teams. It started out as an effort to make a different take on the Battlestar Galactica Centurions than my chrome coloured Robot Team, but keeping it all in blue steel was too samey. So it ended up as this.


Alo-Khan the Neo-Asterian MVP

DreadBall Challenge Cup

Mantic Games


DreadBall Hex base


Painted so far this month: 2

Painted so far this year: 239