Bobbybox pt 3: The First Four: Refbot and Asterians

The first four minis of the crazy box finished! Hoody Hoo!


I have been a busy bee and undercoated all of the minis. So now the table is set for getting down to some serious painting!


Starting with some easy peasy Cylons DeadZone Asterian Cyphers:


from this:

to this:


The Cypher with a hand cannon Charge Glove.



The Cypher with a plasma gun Fission Beamer.



The Cypher jumping the shark wall. The way this was sculpted , the right foot is glued to left side of the wall, as if using it for purchase when moving past it, leaving the mini off centre. The wall bit is too large for the round 25mm lipped base, so I used a 35x25mm oval base for this. All these bases were 3D printed especially for these minis.

How I painted them:

I started by airbrushing Vallejo light grey primer. A day or two after, I airbrushed them with Vallejo Game Air Black Metal, an excellent dark steel.

But…airbrushing anything more than the primer is new to me, so I continued by brush.

I drybrushed them with army painter gun metal and then shining silver. Some extra shading by Battlefront Team Yankee Ordnance Shade. (Which seems just to be a fancy name for black/dark  quickshade.)

Blue bits with Vallejo Game Color Magic Blue, highlighted while wet with this mixed with white in several stages. Weapons by Vallejo Game Color Bright Bronze and Army Painter Greedy Gold.

The Cylon mono-eye overpaints the pairs of eyes the minis have in black, dark red, red, orange and golden yellow. (Mostly old Citadel and Gamecraft paints from before time.)

Green details with Army Painter Greenskin and Walking Dead Mouldy Clothes (midbright green). A few dots of Scale75 Sunset Purple here and there.

If you think that I am using some unusual paints it is because I recently bought the Mantic Walking Dead paint set and the Team Yankee US paint set to test them. Top tip: the gimmicky ammo-shaped dropper bottles SUCK! Stay away! Several of mine have split where the bottle holds the dropper tip, before I got them! Also they are so slim they won’t mix the paint properly without enormous amounts of shaking. Boo!

The paints themselves are all separated and need a lot of mixing before use, when I forget to shake them up, all I get is clear medium on my pallette! When mixed properly, these paints are ok, I guess. Nothing special.

The wall was done with dark grey-green, yellow and then offwhite. With a bit of the mouldy clothes and ordnance wash for good measure.

I base most of my minis with a couple of tufts in different colours each and my custom mix of many different scatter and flock colours and types.


The DreadBall RefBot


She has eyes in the back of her head!


This one was primed in Vallejo Light Grey Primer.

The recesses were painted in black and then Army Painter Gun Metal, followed by Shining Silver and Ordnance Wash. And then some more shining silver. Wheel by Vallejo Game Color Bright Bronze and AP Shining Silver.

The white bits in Reaper Leather White followed by Reaper Pure White. Black striped pantaloons by Reaper Pure Black. Eyes by very dilute (via about 24hours on my homemade wet pallette) Vallejo Magic Blue and repeatedly lighter mixes with white in the pupil.

Based on one of the included DreadBall Hex bases, painted black and covered in black flock like I do all my DreadBall minis.





The Tally so far:

Finished from the Bobby Box: 4 / 126 (138 incl. casualties etc)


Finished minis in total this year: 4 / 365 (target one for each day on average)



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