Base for the sandworm

slow going with the Shai-Hulud. Not much time for minis these last couple of weeks. and struggling with the base for the Shai-Hulud. And then – inspiration. A dune. so a rough dune done in green stuff. A CD was used as the base of the base, as I did not have anything better handy. […]

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Some Skaven

I am currently doing a mass unit of slightly less than 60 figures in one fell swoop. Or rather, one protracted, repetetive monotonous paint-everything-of-the-same-colour in a sitting. Which is in a sense quite meditative, after I get past the settling-in phase, and enter the flow of it. After all, this army is made for dipping.  […]

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My Skaven army for Warhammer

So a quick tally: I have not bothered actually making an army list, rather I have concentrated on getting the models both bought, assembled and painted. The main bulk of the army will consist of massed ranks anyway. Pictures will appear when I get round to taking some. 23 Stormvermin, metal -done 16 Stormvermin, plastic […]

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