Avatars of Sandstone

I have many minis from the Bones and other kickstarters that I have prepped and undercoated, but do not have any immediate inspiration to paint, so they sit around looking sad. Then some inspiration strikes, and I paint them up in a flurry.   So with these:   I suppose they should have been painted in […]

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New backdrops vs the Derro

In a bid to try to improve my photography of my minis, I recently ordered in the Tablewar Macromat set after seeing it on some youtube video. The backgrounds in this set are made out of thin, (neoprene?) rubberbacked mouse mat material of the same type used for tabletop gaming mats. And it all comes […]

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Bones: 77371 Basilisk

From the second Bones kickstarter: the cute lil’ Basilisk.         You dont want it to look at you.   Another quick paint job,   77371 Basilisk Reaper Bones KS 2 Sculted by Julie Guthrie Bonesium PVC 40mm base   Painted so far this month: 10 / 28. 18 to go. Painted so far this year: […]

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Fingerpainting miniatures!

On the Reaper forum’s  bi-monthly resolutionary painting challenge the first bonus challenge of the year is to fingerpaint a miniature. …as in use your fingers to paint it, no brushes or other implements, and you need to do this yourself, not get any help from others, including small-fingered children. Priming and sealing excepted. And it must […]

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