I didn’t have time to take lots of pictures, so here is but one of each:

Bones 5 core set, as of yet unreleased
Sculpted by Ben Siens
Bones Black hard PVC
30mm base

Strange how wererats always seem to look like Skaven, isn’t it?

from the 07050 Familiars 3 pack
Unknown sculptor
Bones USA SioCast
50x25mm base

The two remaining spiders
from the Bones 5 “Spiders of Emrith Khul” encounter set I did last month.
Bones Black hard PVC
The Large one is on a 60mm base, the small one on a 30mm base

All out War 2 for april was to paint Elites.

The 2 Zombie Orcs heavies, and 10 Wights.
Zombie Orcs by Mantic, from the Kings of War Vanguard Undead Reinforcement pack.
Metal, 30mm bases
The Wights are by Games Workshop, The Lord of the Rings Army of the Dead models
HIPS plastic, 25mm bases

Board to Death:

The B.E.A.C.O.N. Drones and Auto-Turrets from the Shadows of Brimstone Derelict Ship otherworld expansion, completing the set, together with the Necronauts from last month.

Painted so far this year: 172

January: 86
February: 22
March: 37+5
April: 22

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  1. Nice roundup! I doff my cap to your progress.

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