KoW Undead Mounted Revenant Knights, part 2

Back in March 2013 I made a post about the Mantic Revenant Knights, (well, it was actually more about the restic material they are made of than about the minis -the knights were some of the first restic minis I had seen and I had just struggled with building them).

…and now, in April 2017, I have at long last gotten round to actually painting them:


These are based on 50x25mm oval bases I printed on my 3D printer so they can do double duty for both skirmish games and block-maneuver games like Kings of War or even old WFB.

I have painted them in the theme of the Lost Crusade, my Kings of War skeleton army.

For some obscure reason, these give the distinct impression of being from England.


10 Revenant Knights

Kings of War, undead faction,

A part of the undead army I bought with the very first KoW Kickstarter.

Mantic Games


50x25mm bases



Painted so far this month: 73 / 30.  

Painted so far this year: 158 / 365. Just 207 to go!


Ronnie the Bard

A kickstarter exclusive from the Kings of War 2 KS.

I painted this mini for the Reaper forums bimonthly resolutionary painting challenge first bonus challenge, which is simply to paint a mini in a jumping/springing pose.



This is a rendition of Ronnie Renton the owner/ leader/ director of Mantic Games as Ronaldo the Bard. And something of an in-joke at Mantic it would seem.

I need to complain a bit about Mantic’s metal alloy. It is too soft. This mini snapped in two different places. One was the feather in the cap, which I had to glue back slightly differently than it originally was; and the other was the right foot, which snapped clean off the first time I tried to dry fit the mini in a slotted base. Which explains why the ankle is a bit lumpy now.

Add to this that the miniscule truscale Mantic uses makes most details really small…argh. It does look much better IRL when not massively magnified.

And I used Blackadder the First’s “Earl of Doncaster” outfit as an inspiration. I did paint the britches in colour and not in black, to give the mini more of a festive air.


Ronaldo the Bard

Kings of War 2 kickstarter exclusive mini

Mantic Games


30mm base


Painted so far this month: 21  / 31.  10 to go!

Painted so far this year: 85 / 365. Just 280 to go!

Mantic Mummy

From the first Mantic Kings of War kickstarter, they made some Heroically proportioned Mummies. Which was a bit strange, as most other minis were closer to tru-scale 28mm and hence much thinner and with smaller weapons etc. Mantic has never been very consistent with neither scales nor styles.

Also, they were much more armed and armoured in a more Western and not quasi-Egyptian style as everyong was used to from Warhammer. And they were restic.

This of course led to a lot of complaints and badmouthing all across teh internets.

For my part, I quite like the more Draugr-like style of these. Also, I tend to prefer the heroic scale.

170227-mantic-mummy 170227-mantic-mummy-2 170227-mantic-mummy-side 170227-mantic-mummy-back 170227-mantic-mummy-other-side

But they had 20mm bases, and ranking them up is a nightmare. After prepping, they have been standing around in the to do drawer several years now.

I got one out of storage and rebased it on a 30mm base which I think it fits so much better!



from Kings of War – undead faction

Mantic Games


30mm base


Painted so far this month: 9 / 28. 19 to go.

Painted so far this year: 42 / 365. Just 323 to go!


Flock of Gargoyles

From the clear-some-of-that-crap-off-the-shelf department:


160613 Mantic Gargoyles x15

15 Mantic Gargoyles. One group of 10, and another group of 5 that matches the 5 I did last year.  I got 5 Gargoyles as a freebie from the first Kings of War Kickstarter, and it turns out later that unit sizes are 10. And only 10.

These other minis come from armies purchased on the Kickstarters. But I still have 5 leftover.

Oh well, since these are an absolute nightmare to rank up, I probably will use less then 10 to represent a unit anyway, so I should be able to eke out 3 units from these 20 minis.


These restic minis take significantly longer to clean up, pin and glue together than they take to paint. Perfectly servicable minis, but not ones I get terribly exited about.


And now they are done.



Kings of War, Abyssal Dwarfs and Twilight Kin factions

Mantic Games


25mm bases


Painted so far this month: 21

Painted so far this year: 206


Fee, Fie, and Foe; the Stone Constructs

Enter the Lesser Obsidian Golem from Mantic’s Kings of War range:

160611 Mantic Abyssal Dwarfs Lesser Obsidian Golem B

Ah, Frostgrave, where almost any mini can be repurposed and given a second life!

Even if I only can have up to two constructs in game (one for the wizard and one for the apprentice) there were three in the pack:

160611 Mantic Abyssal Dwarfs Lesser Obsidian Golem A 160611 Mantic Abyssal Dwarfs Lesser Obsidian Golem C

I called them Fee, Fie and Foe. I think the Greater Obsidian Golem will do nicely for Fum.

So, both a well’ard unit for KoW, and handy constructs for Frostgrave. Scarily large and imposing minis on the tabletop!


Lesser Obsidian Golems

Kings of War, Abyssal Dwarves faction

Mantic Games


50mm bases.


Painted so far this month: 3

Painted so far this year: 188



The Revenants

Some time ago, I bought the Undead army with the first Kings of War Kickstarter. I built and prepped a bunch of them, but for the most part, they are standing around on the shelf of doom.

But every once in a while I get the itch to finish up some more of them. This week it was this unit of Revenants that got some TLC:

160216 mantic revenants x25

Revenants are described as the skeletal remains of warriors with better equipment and training than the usual rabble. So they are better than other skeletons in the game.

For some reason I had prepped 25 of them. Not 20 or 40, like the units are supposed to be, but 25. No idead why I did 5 odd ones out.

I think I have some more, unbuilt in a box so I should be able to fill out to a horde.


Undead Skeleton Revenants

Kings of War, Undead faction

Mantic Games

HIPS plastic

20mm mantic square bases.



Finished so far this month: 37

Finished so far this year: 102

Bulking out some undead units for Kings of War

Apart from the prep, I have done some Mantic undead, easy jobs to fill out some of the units I have and get them off the “to do” shelf.

160209 mantic skeleton warriors

5 skeleton warriors

160209 mantic zombies

4 zombies. (yes it should be 3 and a half, but since I count the large minis as 1, I think it is ok to count the small ones as 1 as well.)


160209 mantic skull catapult

and a skull catapult with crew.


Assorted undead mooks for Kings of War

Mantic Games

HIPS polystyrene hard plastic

20mm mantic square bases


Painted so far this month: 12

Painted so far this year: 77