Vanguard: Nightstalker Reaper

Random mini time!

The so-called “Reaper” from the Nightstalker faction in Kings of War and Vanguard. It can pass for a generic alien/demon/spiky nightmare monster thing in both scifi and fantasy settings.

The Nightstalkers are supposedly all nightmares and fears made flesh. Hence, they are mostly unnatural monsters that are all ridiculously covered in spiky claws and teeth. There is no way these have evolved in any sort of natural environment. Well, maybe in some nether Hell.

This one…well. Have a look:


A gaunt and gangly humanoid frame with spikes instead of feet, an extra set of arms with spikes instead of hands, in addition to an almost normal looking set of arms with spiky clawfingers. Eyeless Alien-head with tentacle hair. This could easily have been seen in a game like Doom.

Yeah, that should qualify as nightmarish.

This was a super speed paint. On black undercoat, a blue basecoat. Then drybrush with purple mixed with white in several stages going lighter and covering less of the model at each stage,  ending in almost pure white at the furthest spikes. Some black quickshade wash lines the transitions to claws and dotted in where the eyes might have been. White teeth, some dark red on the tongue, base and done in a few minutes.


This model is supposed to go on a 20mm square. Bollocks to that I say! A 30mm round fits much better.


The Lion strode through the Halls of Hell;
Across his path grim shadows fell
Of many a mowing, nameless shape
Monsters with dripping jaws agape.
The darkness shuddered with scream and yell
When the Lion stalked through the Halls of Hell.

—Old Ballad.

-from Conan short story The Scarlet Citadel by Robert E Howard (1933)



for the Nightstalkers faction

Kings of War and Vanguard

Mantic entertainment, 2018


Unknown sculptor.

30mm base

Currently available as part of the Vanguard Nightstalkers Warband set,

or in sets of 10 in the Kings of War Nightstalkers Troop



Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  44 /365 goal // scenery and terrain: 0)

January: 32

Feburary: 12


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