Oathsworn Heroes: Tardog Wolfskinner, Ogre vagabond

Back in 2013, Oathsworn had a kickstarter for a range of oldhammery heroes, with dwarves, halflings, and a few monsters like the efreet and shambling mound that I have painted earlier.

I am very slowly getting round to them, one at a time:


This is Tardog Wolfskinner, Ogre vagabond from that set. 

Full of that oldhammer character and charm.


Now if only I could remenber where I put the rest of those minis…


Tardog Wolfskinner, Ogre vagabond

from the Oathsworn Heroes KS (2013)

Oathsworn Miniatures

sculpted by Michael Lovejoy

white metal

40mm base



Painted so far this month: 36/31 target surpassed

Painted so far this year: 194 / 365. Just 171 to go


Oathsworn: Clan McFiggin’s Ancient McFiggin

Oathsworn’s fourth kickstarter project was Clan McFiggin, a set of 12 dwarf brewers, back in 2014.

Time to get this party started!


This is Ancient McFiggin, the eldest of the lot, and presumably prime taster for the brewery.

There is something strange going on with his mouth. Not sure what is supposed to be what, so I went for dentures. Possibly is should have been the upper lip. Whatever.


Ancient McFiggin

from the Clan McFiggin KS

Oathsworn Miniatures


30mm bases



Painted so far this month: 62 / 30.  

Painted so far this year: 147 / 365. Just 218 to go!



Oathsworn Scatter Terrain, part 1: Tents

Oathsworn Miniatures have made a series of resin scatter terrain pieces to go with their Dwarfs and their Burrows and Badgers Kickstarters. They have done everything by themselves, making moulds and casting at home on their dinner table, and sharing the entire process via their excellent updates.

Here are the first two bits I have done, the Burrows and Badgers Tents.


151123 Oathsworn Tents

Keeping it simple.

These are well made tents for the discerning adventurer, and a place for the dormouse to sleep when the teapot is needed for tea.

When all the bits are done, they will make for an interesting campsite among ruins for a furball fight.


Two Tents

Burrows and Badgers KS1.

Oathsworn Miniatures


Integral base


Painted so far this month: 7

(Yes I count these as well. Took some time to do, after all.)

Painted so far this year: 244



Oathsworn Fire Giant / Efreeti, and trying out backdrops

/fanboy gush start/

Oathsworn Miniatures have some fantastic, old school miniatures, in the style of the period when Citadel Miniatures had soul, also known as “Oldhammer”. Oathsworn is a cottage industry company, consisting of sculptor Michael  Lovejoy and his lovely and talented wife, Jo (who is learning to sculpt as we speak). With 5 or 6 successful kickstarters under their belt, great communication and behind the scenes how-its-made guides and video clips, last but not least delivering on schedule, with consistently high quality every time. I cannot recommend Oathsworn enough.

This is the kind of company I would buy almost anything from, just to support them and their work, even if I never got around to actually painting anything…something which I intend to correct in the coming months.

/fanboy gush stop/


First out is the Fire Giant or Efreeti.

150827 oathsworn efreet ba 150827 oathsworn efreet bb

With his asbestos loin cloth.

As you see, I am trying out some new backdrops I printed off from massive voodoo and miniarmyhugetimesink.

Yes, I see the brighter spot should have been directly behind the mini and not to the top, but in this case I chose to do it like that. Cause of the flaming sword. Yeah, right. So that’s settled then. Totally not because I am a complete noob at this. Learn from my mistakes.


at any rate: Which one is better?

150827 oathsworn efreet bc 150827 oathsworn efreet bd


Did I mention that I struggle with flames? Turns out I not only struggle with, but actively detest painting lava-like crusts as well. Hence the not so impressive paint job. I simply do not have the patience.

Which means that Balrog will be sitting around for a while before I take a stab at painting it…

Metal, 40mm base.

Painted so far this month: 34

Painted so far this year: 185


Resolutionary Painting Challenge: February. Chapters I, II, and III

This month I have decided to try to not only actually get something painted, but also to try to do several different kinds of miniatures, and chip away at the Mountains of Miniatures Madness by painting at least one of each from the following categories:

Reaper Bones, Oathsworn, All Quiet of the Martian Front, Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40.000, Kings of War, Deadzone, DreadBall, Mars Attacks, Shadows of Brimstone, Sedition Wars, Drake, Grendel Productions something or other, and to finish something that currently stands around half-done on  the shelf of shame,

So, at least 14 miniatures, several of which will be large and/or multiple pieces. An average of 3,5 minis a week, or one every two days. Should be doable. Unless I go off on a tangent again.

At any rate, here’s off to a good start:


050207 Reaper Bones 77166 Balto Burrowell, Gnome Wizard 1 050207 Reaper Bones 77166 Balto Burrowell, Gnome Wizard b 050207 Reaper Bones 77166 Balto Burrowell, Gnome Wizard c 050207 Reaper Bones 77166 Balto Burrowell, Gnome Wizard d

Reaper Bones 77166: Balto Burrowell, Gnome Wizard. Painted for the Reaper Forums Beauty Pageant that ends tonight. I cut off the outstretched hand and rotated it to make it more metal. He is seriously giving someone the ol’ Stinkeye there. 20mm base.


150207 oathsworn shambling mound 1 150207 oathsworn shambling mound 2

Oathsworn Shambling Mound, from their “Oathsworn Heroes” kickstarter. I chose to forgo the resin base for a more overgrown one. I had not envisioned this to be the first Oathsworn mini I was to finish, but there you are.Also, I named this one Alec. 50mm base.


150207 mantic undead dog walkies 1 150207 mantic undead dog walkies 2

150207 mantic undead dog walkies 3


Mantic Kings of War Undead Dog Handler, the kickstarter exclusive mini from the first Kings of War kickstarter. Made in restic, those mould lines are such a bitch to get rid of. For some reason, the dog handler has a distict piratey feel to it. Maybe its the cutlass.

The base consists of two 20mm mantic bases glued together. The mantic bases are actually slightly bevelled, leaving a gap and a slightly uneven base when glued together like this. I imagine it will not be visible when put in a unit.