Oathsworn Fire Giant / Efreeti, and trying out backdrops

/fanboy gush start/

Oathsworn Miniatures have some fantastic, old school miniatures, in the style of the period when Citadel Miniatures had soul, also known as “Oldhammer”. Oathsworn is a cottage industry company, consisting of sculptor Michael  Lovejoy and his lovely and talented wife, Jo (who is learning to sculpt as we speak). With 5 or 6 successful kickstarters under their belt, great communication and behind the scenes how-its-made guides and video clips, last but not least delivering on schedule, with consistently high quality every time. I cannot recommend Oathsworn enough.

This is the kind of company I would buy almost anything from, just to support them and their work, even if I never got around to actually painting anything…something which I intend to correct in the coming months.

/fanboy gush stop/


First out is the Fire Giant or Efreeti.

150827 oathsworn efreet ba 150827 oathsworn efreet bb

With his asbestos loin cloth.

As you see, I am trying out some new backdrops I printed off from massive voodoo and miniarmyhugetimesink.

Yes, I see the brighter spot should have been directly behind the mini and not to the top, but in this case I chose to do it like that. Cause of the flaming sword. Yeah, right. So that’s settled then. Totally not because I am a complete noob at this. Learn from my mistakes.


at any rate: Which one is better?

150827 oathsworn efreet bc 150827 oathsworn efreet bd


Did I mention that I struggle with flames? Turns out I not only struggle with, but actively detest painting lava-like crusts as well. Hence the not so impressive paint job. I simply do not have the patience.

Which means that Balrog will be sitting around for a while before I take a stab at painting it…

Metal, 40mm base.

Painted so far this month: 34

Painted so far this year: 185


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