Experimenting with the Translucent Bones, part 2!

My earlier attempts at painting translucent Bones miniatures did not turn out very satisfactory, mainly because the paints and inks I used were rejected by the Bones material, and did not stick to the mini as I wanted, due to a lack of undercoat. And then I really screwed the pooch by using too-opaque paints. Oh well, live and learn.

This time around I have undercoated the translucents with Army Painter Anti-Shine Clear Varnish spray.

That certainly made a difference!

These are my first two experiments with this:

150827 ochre jelly

The 97267 Slime was originally clear. I did a simple wash of Army Painter Soft Tone Quickshade Ink (the water based dropper bottle, not the tinned oil based furniture stain used to dip). And turned it into a perfectly serviceable Ochre Jelly. That is still translucent!

I used one of the oval bases from Warbases for this model. They are such a find! And saves on shelf space compared to round bases.

150827 shadow tentacles

The Shadow Tenctacle Spell Effects were originally purple. I enhanced them with a wash of Vallejo Purple Ink.

I think they actually turned out very well, and have kept them simple with only a single coat of ink. They still have that magical translucency. Just make sure to draw off any ink that starts pooling.

For the next ones, I think I will be experimenting a bit with different coloured inks.

and they still count as painted, even though it feels a bit like cheating…

Painted so far this month: 33

Painted so far this year: 184

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  1. Wow, awesome results! I had similar less-than-spectacular results with trying to retain the translucency while painting. I’m definitely going to try varnishing first!

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