Barrow Rats

Continuing the creature feature, here are the Barrow Rats:   Not quite undead but thoroughly nasty anyhow.       These will see use as wardogs in Frostgrave.     77198: Barrow Rats  Reaper Bones KS2, base set Sculpted by Julie Guthrie Bonesium PVC 30mm bases   Painted so far this month: 30 / 31. Just 1 […]

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Minivember: The Horned Hunter

All together now: *singing boisterously* Harry the Horny Hunter had an Enormous Horn…   When Mr Tumnus  done gone bad! I chose this one as an archer for my Frostgrave warband. A maliscious spirit of the forest come out to stick it to the man. Or stick it to Men rather.   89033: The Horned Hunter […]

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Did this one on a whim:      I seem to be influenced by watching all those trashy movies and playing games where Ninjas all wear colourful accents to their clothing such as red sashes or neon blue ponchos!   This swordsman is going to spark some shouts of  FATALITY if and when he takes down an […]

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Reaper Bones 77344 Ice Troll

Frostgrave has some interesting charts of random encounter monsters. Which means having said monsters ready to play is a good thing.   And what is a game set in the lands of ice and snow without Ice Trolls? Even though I have not bothered to specially base my frostgravers with snow effects, and there really is nothing […]

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Putting the Fear into Friar

During the last few months I have traded and bought a good deal of second hand metal minis through a forum I joined, and several miniatures I do not know any details about have come into my possession. Here is one of them:     …or is he recoiling from the cross? Was he bitten last […]

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Putting the C in Barbarian!

Reaper likes to make minis of all kinds of fantasy archetypes, including ones that are very good representatives of well-known fictional characters. I don’t mean to say that they are copies or knock-offs or anything like that. These minis  are all original work that tend to immediately make you think of said  characters. A picture says more than a thousand words: […]

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The other – Chronopia Unliving

The second zombie for Frostgrave, the other Chronopia Unliving: Chronopia squaddies usually came in packs of 4, with 2 each of 2 seperate sculpts. This is the other sculpt, the first being done a week or so ago.   Chronopia Unliving, Sons of Kronos faction. Target Games, early ’00s Metal 30mm base   Painted so far […]

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