Barrow Rats

Continuing the creature feature, here are the Barrow Rats:   Not quite undead but thoroughly nasty anyhow.       These will see use as wardogs in Frostgrave.     77198: Barrow Rats  Reaper Bones KS2, base set Sculpted by Julie Guthrie Bonesium PVC 30mm bases   Painted so far this month: 30 / 31. Just 1 […]

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Age of Sigmar

So the Age of Sigmar is upon us is it? It’s definatly not the Warhammer I know, that’s for sure. I can’t see this rule set working without making every game a narrative one. There is absolutely no way to balance it. It seems the rules strongly favor the player using few but powerful models, and horde […]

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The third for March

This week has seen little time for hobby, so I “cheated” by doing groups that were extra super fast to finish.   First the Reaper Bones 77016: Rats. 12 of them to be precise. These are cute little critters. Until you notice that they are the size of rather large dogs…and they are many, A shotgun only […]

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