Nothing done this last month…so here are some rats

Almost a whole month has come and gone without me touching brush to mini.


So to get back on track I chose do some minis that are quick and easy.


First up are what I have left of the Warhammer Quest Giant Rats. I have only found 7 of the original 12, as I did use some for other things long ago and also have painted one or two as part of the Skaven giant rat swarm.


These I put on bases I adapted and printed, being 20 x 25 mm oval, using the same lipped pattern as for the chaos hounds some weeks ago.

170227-warhammer-quest-rat-oval-base-20x25 170227-warhammer-quest-rat-oval-base-20x25-b


These rats are always fun to do. And fast.


Giant Rats

from the original Warhammer Quest game set

Games Workshop

HIPS plastic

3D printed 20x25mm oval bases



Painted so far this month: 7  / 28.  21 to go (and just 2 days to do it!)

Painted so far this year: 40 / 365. Just 325 to go!

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