February II

Being for the most part getting some ancient metal minis from the lead rot salvage pile done, and also another Star Saga expansion completed for the Board to Death2.

Left to right as usual:

RP11-651 Dretch (1 of 4 different in a blister pack)
The AD&D Planescape line
Ral Partha, 1994
Sculpted by Dave Simmons
Lead Metal, 25mm base

This mini always struck med as a discount Nurgling/Blue Horror crossover.

Skeleton Orc from
the GFR0106 Undead Orc Warriors II pack
Scotia Grendel
Metal, 32mm base

A more recent purchase of what I suspect is a model that has been at retail for many years and later had the whole series bought out by Scotia Grendel, who is currently producing them.

Amazon Big Cat (possibly from the Amazon Attack Chariot, or from a blister pack with just the cats. I honestly do not remember how I got these.)
Grenadier Miniatures, late 1980s
Sculpted by Bob Naismith
50x25mm base, lead metal
This mini has seen better days, one of the sabreteeth has been mashed a bit and is shorter than the other with a weird angle to boot.

Lil’ Ghouls Sand Dwellers
These turned out to be (as I suspected) by RAFM in their Cthulhu Mythos line. Thank you to EY for the info. The third one from the pack was painted a few weeks ago. There is supposed to be what looks like a dinosaur skull in the pack as well, but I cannot remember to have seen that.
Sculptor? Don’t know.
Very hard metal
20mm bases

Whatever they are, the minis are good for a low level encounter, or as sidekicks, annoyances or warm up to a more powerful being.

Giant Toad

Dungeons and Lasers II kickstarter stretch goals
Archon Studios
HIPS plastic
60mm base

from the Wood Elf faction
Warhammer Fantasy Battles, (1980s oldhammer)
Sculpted by Jes Goodwin
Lead Metal, 60x35mm base

Another ancient mini that for some reason has not been painted earlier.

RP20-514 Corporate Guard Animals: Basilisk
Ral Partha, Shadowrun line, mid-1990s
Sculpted by Dave Summers
Lead Metal 50x25mm base

For the longest time I did not know exactly what this was. I knew it was a Ral Partha piece, but not which one. Today I found out.

Board to Death2 for February:

The six Mercenaries from the Star Saga Mission and Character Creator expansion.

I’ll need to get more of the boardgame minis done soon.

Painted so far this year: 108

January: 86
February: 22

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  1. The RAFM “ghouls” are Sand Dwellers from their Call of Cthulhu line.

  2. That toad is great, very realistic on the back.

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