March resolution: the second installment

As previously stated, my resolution for March is to complete at least 4 10-man squads, or equivalent.

I have been a bit under the weather this week, and so have not done as much as I had hoped. Plus, Bones 2 has arrived! Not to easy to concentrate on boring old hat when all the new shiny is *sparkling*…

150308 brimstone stranglers group

at any rate, I have completed the group of Stranglers from Shadows of Brimstone. No prize for spotting the inspiration for the colour schemes.

30mm bases, HIPS plastic

So that’s 5 more squaddies down.

In addition, 5 more of the Space Hurps-ridden zombies:

150308 space hurps

Which makes 10 squaddies in all, enough for the resolution target this week.

25mm bases, HIPS plastic / restic conversions.

But wait there’s more!

Bonus round 2:

150308 dreadball xtreme nameless bloodsucker

 DreadBall Xtreme Nameless Bloodsucker 

Not very pleased about the shininess, which is due to the old inks used.

Hexbase, restic

Bonus round 3:

150308 Ral Partha something 150308 Ral Partha something b

Ral Partha Swamp thingy AD&D Dark Sun Anakor (RPE 11-715)

I had to ask on the Reaper forum to find out what this one was. Turns out it is Dark Sun (a desert setting) which means the original lives nowhere near a swamp!

Sculpted by Sandra Garrity.

30mm base, metal

Bonus Round 4:

150308 LOTR ringwraith

Citadel Lord of the Rings Ringwraith on foot.

I find black cloaks often look better when painted dark, dark grey with black washes.

30mm base, metal.

more off the shelf, and a pair of unknowns

141207 Chaos Dwarf foran141207 Chaos Dwarf bak

An ancient Warhammer Chaos Dwarf  from the time Chaos Dwarfs had a lot of individual character and were not identical sumerian curlybeards.


141207 Chaos marine

Test paint scheme for my Warhammer 40k Dark Venegance Chaos Marines. Yup, got that set when it was new, been lying around ever since. The Dark Vengeance-miniatures are really characterful. Looking forward to tackle that Chaos Dreadnought.


141207 plague gen 2 141207 plague gen 2b

The test figure for the Deadzone Plague generation 2s. Another fast paint job.





141207 wossit

I found a box of old metal minis in the attic the other day, and amongst a lot of old Warmaster minis (up on Ebay at the time of writing) i found this ugly thing, I do not know what it is. I am thinking “FASA” or some other american company that tried to make warhammer 40k -type games in the 90s. It had a tab for slotted base.

At any rate, I gave it a simple enough paint job.


141207 emile

I call this one Emile.

I so not know what this is supposed to represent, but I think it is a Shadowrun mini from Ral Partha. There are modern-style items in the sludge, such as a keyboard, cannisters and hat.