Armour of Fire Resistance Check Fail

or, Discount Armour of Fire Resistance Might Not Be A Good Idea.

Featuring the smallish dragon from the Bones 5 kickstarter “Dragon Slayers” power-up set (= an add-on that did not feature in the actual kickstarter, but that appeared in the pledge manager), and an old metal Ral Partha Skeletal Knight (not sure which series or what code it is, or even what the original name of the mini is.)

This angle let’s us see how I set such a scene. It’s just glitter.
Lots of golden glitter in two tones mixed up and spread thickly to cover the models’ bases make them look standing naturally, and some black glitter carefully sprinkled to mark a cone-shaped burn pattern. The white stuff is cotton wool that is pulled into thin clumps with whispy strands and placed around the back of the cone.

The fighter mini is painted as normal and then drybrushed carefully with black and very dark grey on the front to look like scorching. The trick is to keep just enough of the original paint job around the edges and on the shield so you can see what it is, and not just a blackened lump. Less is more, expecially when it comes to drybrushing in layers. Wipe that brush!

This diorama was made for the Reaper Challenge League 4th quarter challenge.

Painted so far this year:   (Miniatures:  332 / 365 goal // scenery and terrain: 6)
January: 38 // 5
February: 20
March: 11 / 1
April: 8
May: 13
June: 20
July: 87 
August: 40
September: 21
October: 21
November: 30
December: 23

[per day #345: -13]

20 days to go, 33 minis needed to be painted to reach the goal.

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