Pair of Kings today: Grund is one of the evil characters the heroes need to defeat in Dungeon Saga. Having caught a case of the stubborns, refusing to stay dead!   Blaine, the Tyrant King (very much still alive) Blaine is the Mantic Kickstarter Exclusive dimensional traveller, having surfaced in several of their kickstarters, including Deadzone, […]

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The Actually Ancient Dead

from the lead age strata of Ye Pile of Olde…   Some lead miniatures from the 80s, Citadel Zombies. A bit worse for wear, one of them is missing an arm. Luckily no sign of any lead rot or such. They were takes out of their pack ages ago, which probably saved them. But since these are […]

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The Hungry Dead

aka the Saloon Shuffle Quintet.   …five more to be precise.  The remaining seven are in the works. These are the minis with the softest details of all the SoB. Still, they work as low level mooks. For some reason I have not bloodied these up at all.     The Hungry Dead (2 out of […]

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Space Hurps part the fifth.

The second blob of minis off the shelf today is 12 more of the Mantic Sci Fi Zombie Space Hurps conversions: I really, really need to look into better photography.   At any rate, that makes 43 of those zombies done in all. 15-20 or so to go. I must admit they are getting a bit […]

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Even more Zombies!

New recruits for the ever growing legions of the undead: Reaper Bones 2 92815-19 Zombies. Much less bendy than the Bones 1 zombies. Yay! But still quite soft details. I do not have the metal versions, so I cannot say if the metal ones are similar or have sharper details. I think I might just […]

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Actually getting something done at last, part 2: Mantic (and Reaper) Zombies and Ghouls

Zombies are fun! Also easy peasy to paint. Scruffy, ragged, dirty, blemished and full of gore and unmentionable stains. It helps that the Mantic Zombies are really, really good minis that are full of character! Here bolstered by some Reaper Bones zombies from their kickstarter.    The two variants of Reaper Bones zombies. Like many […]

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I found some old zombie-miniatures that fit right into a unit I already have finished (and packed away in storage). So I did them really quick. I think they turned out well. These are old Harlequin miniatures zombies, once made for a game called Raven. The backstory was that the villagers in the Wurdalak Vampires’ […]

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