Pair of Kings today:

160330 mantic dungeon saga undead dwarf king grund

Grund, the Dwarf King (deceased)

Grund is one of the evil characters the heroes need to defeat in Dungeon Saga. Having caught a case of the stubborns, refusing to stay dead!


160330 mantic dungeon saga tyrant king blaine

Blaine, the Tyrant King (very much still alive)

Blaine is the Mantic Kickstarter Exclusive dimensional traveller, having surfaced in several of their kickstarters, including Deadzone, Dreadball Xtreme, Mars Attacks! and Kings of War 2nd ed. Here is the Dungeon Saga version.

The Army Painter Quickshade wash on the cape turned out quite shiny, even though the other quickshades do not. So now he apparently is a purple rubber cape fetishist. At least until the weather gets better and I can give him a coat of anti-shine


And of course, some more of the low level mooks every such game needs masses of:

160330 mantic dungeon saga zombies b

The three other zombies


Assorted minis from Dungeon Saga

Mantic Games

Rigid PVC

25mm bases


Painted so far this month: 33

Painted so far this year: 135

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