Too much to do IRL so just a few minis painted in the last few weeks.

Here goes:

Droids, robots, automatons, don’t know their name.
Bones 5 Chronoscope expansion
Sculptor unknown
Bones Black hard PVC
25mm integral bases

from the Kings of War Vanguard Undead Warband Set
Mantic games
Sculptor unknown
30mm base

44135 Fungal Bruiser
Bones 4 Darkreach Expansion
Sculpted by Christine Van Patten
Bones Black hard PVC
48mm base

14534 Dwarf Bard
Reaper Warlord line, Dwarves faction
Sculpted by Tim Prow
30mm base

I call him The Doompiper. Bagpipes count as weapon of war.

Deck Swabber Pirate
Bones 5 Brinewind expansion
Sculptor unknown
Bones Black PVC
25mm base

77024 (one of the) Goblins
Bones 1 core set
Sculpted by Ben Siens
Bones Classic, the white rubbery stuff
25mm base

This is one of the six variants of the goblins in the first kickstarter. Rubbery and not all that great detail. These goblins have recently been redone in Bones USA Siocast, which should mean much sharper details.

I painted this as a proof of concept before probably doing the rest of them. I have several copies of each, as they were in the “dungeon vermin” set with three or four of each.

03356 (one of three) Pumpkin Horror
Reaper Dark Heaven Legends
Sculpted by Jason Wiebe
30mm base

Painted so far this year: 187

January: 86
February: 22
March: 37+5
April: 29
May: 8

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