Shadows of Brimstone: The Harvesters from Beyond

“Harvesters from Beyond” are large treasure seeking aliens crossing the void into our world (or any Otherworld the heroes might be exploring) wearing massive, armoured “deep sea diving” encounter suits. As you might imagine, they are bloody terrifying in game as they are like tanks and very difficult to put down.

I did them in different shades of metal as I don’t really like my minis being competely identical even though they are identical in game. I painted these to be dark and menacing, so I kept the “eye buds” or lights or ports or whatever they are meant to be black , like a spider’s eyes. Said eye buds are getting a coat of gloss varnish after I get round to spraying them with the usual matt varnish I use.

I expect the makers have played Bioshock as well.



Harvesters from Beyond

large enemies from the expansion of the same name for

Shadows of Brimstone

Flying Frog Productions

HIPS plastic

40mm bases


Painted so far this month: 35/31 target surpassed

Painted so far this year: 193 / 365. Just 172 to go

Shadows of Brimstone: Reservoir Bandits

Mr. Pink: [about Mr. Blonde] He seems okay now, but he was crazy in the store.

Mr. White: This is what he was doing…

[mimics randomly shooting innocent bystanders]

Mr. White: Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Mr. Blonde: Yeah, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. I told ’em not to touch the alarm… but they touched it. If they hadn’t done what I told ’em not to do, they’d still be alive.

Mr. White: [clapping] My fucking hero.

Mr. Blonde: [taking a bow] Thanks.

Mr. White: That’s your excuse for going on a kill-crazy rampage?

Mr. Blonde: I don’t like alarms, Mr. White.

-Reservoir Dogs (1992)


Mr Blue, Mr Brown, Mr White, Mr Pink, Mr Blonde and Mr Orange. Those are the only names they know each other by. They are gathered to perform a heist, let us just hope none of them are undercover deputies that already have told the law about their plans to rob the diamond store…



What to do with six identical western bandit models? Go Reservoir Dogs. The black suits turned into black dusters and hats, their colourful names became shirts, facial kerchief/mask/whatever it is called and the ring detail on their hats.

Now they are so much more interesting as individual gang members rather than just some random cowboys gone bad.

Well, to me at least.


The Bandits

from the Frontier Town Expansion for

Shadows of Brimstone

HIPS plastic

30mm bases



Painted so far this month: 32/31 target surpassed

Painted so far this year: 190 / 365. Just 175 to go

Shadows of Brimstone: The Burrower aka we have wormsign!



Not content with making a massively large monstrous worm to harass the heroes, the makers of Shadows of Brimstone gave their worm the obligatory cthulhoid mass of tentacles sprouting out of it’s gigantic maw! Try stopping that with a six-shooter…


Nyah, Nyah, Nyah!


It’s big enough to stand on top of and ride over the dunes…

For some reason, it ended up mostly purple. I think the red should have been a bit more muted, towards brown. Maybe I’ll go back and give it a darkening wash or three to correct that redness. But for now, it’s done.

Also, this made me think of the movie “The Burrowers” a western horror monster-thingy. I liked it alot, and recommend it heartily. It is not for the faint of heart, what with being quite graphic and brutal in parts.



The Burrower

from the Burrower XXL Enemy Pack expansion

Shadows of Brimstone

Flying Frog Productions

HIPS plastic

There is no base as such, it is slightly more than 10cms across the bottom part.



Painted so far this month: 13/30 Just 17 to go

Painted so far this year: 171 / 365. Just 194 to go

Shadows of Brimstone: The Doorways into Darkness

Life happens, and I get into a funk loosing my painting mojo for weeks on end. It is the way of things.

So to get into the groove again, I decided to do some neglected bits, starting with the Doorways into Darkness portals from the expansion by that very same name for Shadows of Brimstone. After all, no dungeon crawler worth it’s salt will be caught dead without proper 3D-pieces for the doors or portals!

170520 shadows of brimstone doorways into darkness 1a

The down to Earth mineshaft portals, and

170520 shadows of brimstone doorways into darkness 2a

the extradimentional void portals. The alien writing in the ..ahem…locking chevrons of these demonic-looking Stargates probably read “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here” or some such.

Yes there are oil lamps on both sides of the mineshaft portals, but as I think they wouldn’t be lighted when the heroes bumble into the mines, I did not do any lighting effects. Yes that is the reason. Not that I am quite lazy these days. Nope not that at all.

Apart from the eight plastic portals, the Doorways into Darkness-expansion also includes a few good equipment cards, which are the only actual additions to the game itself in this expansion. The Portals themselves do not have any rules or special effects apart from (in my opinion dramatically) enhancing the look of the game layout on the table, and therefore enhancing the game experience itself. I certainly prefer to use them.


Doorways into Darkness

expansion for Shadows of Brimstone

Flying Frog Productions

HIPS plastic


Painted so far this month: /30. Just 22 to go.

Painted so far this year: 166 / 365. Just 199 to go

And the skeleton archers

Finishing up that lot of skeletons, here are the archers:

Ended up being a bit heavy with the drybrushing on the bows, but can’t be bothered to fix them.



12 Skeletons with bows

Warhammer Fantasy Battles, undead faction

Games Workshop, 1980s and 90s

HIPS plastic

30mm bases


Painted so far this month: 61 / 30.  


Painted so far this year: 146 / 365. Just 219 to go!

I see a Horde of Skeletons Sauntering Slowly

I recently bought a lot of 50+ older style plastic Citadel Skeletons off Ebay for less than the price of a single squad of 10 new ones, and have spent a few evenings plonking away at them. When I received the horde in the mail, many of the minis were reduced to parts, with many a broken arm and leg. A few were painted, but most were not. All needed thorough cleaning with both knife and with soapy water.

After the requisite cleaning up and prep-work was done, I had enough parts to build 45 skellies with hand weapons or spears -one with battle damage where the arms would be, plus 12 archers. Most of the parts were from the second style of skeletons made by GW in the 90s, but a few were from the older style made in the 80s. Those brought back many fond memories, as I built a box of them way back when.

The original builder of these had also converted a few of them to have, say 4 arms, or battle damaged weapons and many shields were glued to the hands at an angle to suggest the builder did not know how a shield actually is held. No matter. I left these as they were.

Painted in batches of 10, 20 and then 15 over the course of three evenings.

Archers to be painted at a later date.

I used some 30mm lipped “display” bases that I bought in bulk from Reaper some time ago to prepare for the third Bones KS shipment (that is several months delayed, but should soon be in hand, hopefully already in May or in June.)

And, yes, the 30mm bases do take up more space on the shelf and lets fewer models into base contact in game, but they do look so much better than 25mm rounds or even the original 20mm squares.


45 Skeleton Warriors

Warhammer Fantasy Battles, undead faction

Games Workshop, 1980s and 90s

HIPS plastic

30mm bases


Painted so far this month: 49 / 30.  

(which nicely covers the 10 leftover from last month and then some!)

Painted so far this year: 134 / 365. Just 231 to go!

The Great Goblin of the Misty Mountains

Down, down to Goblin Town! Time for another stab at the Great Goblin.

The first time around, I bungled up the skin colour completely, leaving the Great Goblin a dank, purplish mess. Especially as the thing is mostly skin.

Disgusted with my failure, I threw the mini into the Drawer of Shame to fester for many months.


Time to set things right, this second try to fix the skin turned out better. Too bad I could not be arsed to fill and smooth the lines from where the parts went together.

Now it can lead the matching Goblins Town Goblins I painted last year.


The Elephant Man  The Great Goblin

from the Hobbit: Escape from Goblin Town game set

Games Workshop

HIPS plastic

50mm base



Painted so far this month: 19  / 31.  12 to go!

Painted so far this year: 83 / 365. Just 282 to go!