A few randoms this week. Well, almost random. Some are for paintalongs.

Left to right

Well. These were not great. I find I struggle with getting stuff like stripes to look good these days. The brush split, the paint didn’t flow properly, excuses, excuses. I suck at (this kind of) free hand and it rarely looks good. So either I need to practice a lot or accept the L and avoid this sort of thing going forward.
So anyway. PJ inspired by Talon from Primal Rage, the 90s dino-beast beat ’em up arcade game.
Also, Wizkids using sharp, detailed renders as promotional images in webshops are lies. Blatant lies. The minis are not even close to being that detailed. And they are full of horrid mould lines. These had tennis rackets for hands that needed to be carved into claws! The teeth are barely defined, and certainly not the row of sharp fangs as in the renders. Bah! Humbug!

WK90047 Raptors

Wizkids Deep Cuts, wave 11
Unkown sculptor
PVC 30mm bases

This is an old “Ripperjack” from the original Necromunda. I have a few old Necromunda minis lying about in the Mountains, and this one came up on top the other day. I had just rewatched Aliens so naturally I picked this. One quick and easy paint job later the knock-off Facehugger is done.

from Necromunda
Citadel Miniatures
Metal, 20mm base

A pair of axe wielding warriors from the Dark Ages painted for the historicalalong. I don’t have many historical miniatures, but I do have a few of these types here that I bought second hand some years ago. I honestly do not know what make they are, or even what they are called. By their equipment and general look I would say that they are from the European Dark Ages: Vikings, Saxons or similar.
They are slightly shorter than the “Heroic” Conan mini I use for comparisons, but still rather chunky and not even close to true-scale.

Unknown Dark Ages Axe Warriors
Metal, 25mm bases

This is called a Foo Dog in English, but the animal depicted is actually a lion, not a dog. So your typical western ignorant arrogance on display there.
Known as Shishi and as Konmainu, the guardian lions are a common motif in China, Japan and neighboring countries. They are supposed to bring luck and wealth, so I painted it in red and gold, the traditional Chinese colours for luck and wealth.

77410 Foo Dog
Reaper Bones 3
Sculpted by Jason “I sculpt ball-sacks on all my animals” Wiebe
Bones Classic white PVC
40mm base

This is a repaint of a Mage Knight mini. Mage Knight was a collectible minis game featuring (badly) prepainted plastic miniatures on clicky-bases, the stats were in the bases and you could turn (click) the bases to reveal new stats as they took damage. Also they were blind-buys, with the minis coming in sealed booster boxes and having different rarities (stats and colour highlights were different on the same sculpt). It was actually quite fun and popular in the early 2000s.
Being PVC, there were lots of bendy weapons and poorly defined details on the minis. Most of the sculpts were rubbish.
However, I believe they were trailblazers in developing PVC casting technologies for miniatures and also expanding the market for miniatures wargaming with prepaints, which led to the glut of prepainted minis flooding the market until it more or less collapsed later in the decade.
As part of this glut of prepainted minis, Reaper developed and released their own set of prepainted PVCs “Legendary Enounters” which were the direct precursors for releasing the first set unpainted as “Bones” PVC models in 2010 or 2011. In 2012 Reaper held their first Bones kickstarter, which famously blew up and made millions of dollars. The rest is history, as they say.
So thank you to Mage Knight for indirectly leading to Bones.

Living Elemental
Mage Knight: Rebellion (2001)
PVC, 32mm base

Blighted Dryad
From the Bones 5 core set
Sculpted by Ben Siens
Bones Black PVC, 30mm base

Just a simple dead twig, a five minute paint job.

This is the gobbo I painted for a size comparison shot for the Moonstone. Included here for completion’s sake.
This will be the main colour scheme for the entire horde that is sitting around in a box awaiting paint.

Night Goblin / Gloomspite Gits Spearman
Warhammer Fantasy Battles / Age of Sigmar
HIPS polystyrene plastic
25mm base

Total painted so far this year: 65 / 365. Just 300 to go!

January: 31 + 9
February: 24 + 1

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