The Moonstone

A 3D printed terrain piece for my Night Goblin horde. Designed by Printable Scenery, and sold under the monicker “Moon Shrine” in their Goblin Grotto series.
I printed it as mostly a single piece in PLA on my Ender 3, just the upper tip of the moon crescent and the nose were separate.

The night goblin was painted especially for this scale shot. Also as a proof of concept for the paint job I intend to paint up the Night Goblin Gloomspite Gits army I have sitting about in a box. Some day I will get to it. Some day. Sure I will. Just like I will paint all the 3D printed terrain pieces that are filling up the large drawers in my chest of drawers.

The inciting incident for painting this piece at this time, was a combination of the RCL having a “terrain or bust” quarterly challenge, and the minipainting discord having a terrainalong.
This piece fit the bill nicely to do double duty, scoring a few fake internet points in each.

It measures 22cm by 15.5cm by 16cm, and is a nice stand alone piece that can work as an idol or icon of some sort. And of course an excellent sub for that “Bad Moon Loonshrine” in Age of Sigmar.

It was for the most part painted with craft paints and a large brush, with the blue rope done in Citadel Nighthaunt Gloom.

You can buy the stl at

Total painted so far this year: 57 / 365. Just 310 to go!

January: 31 + 9
February: 16+1

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