Two weeks in

Big boys for February.

Some big’uns today, and a 1st level henchman.

Continuing the quest to complete the RCL, and working on minis for paintalongs on the Minipainting discord as well, with some minis doing double duty.

We start at the back today:

This is a 3D printed treeman from Lord of the Print, and one of the minis that originally attracted me to that sculptor studio. I have had it ready to paint for ages. I am not sure what prompted me to pick it and slap some paint on it at this time.

A paint job like this is really quick, slopping some dark browns onto the black primer, then going at it with varying shades of brown, beige and buff, with some lashings of dark green and some white mixed in for topping. I put some yellow in the mix for the heartwood, as it looks like it is split open in front with ribs of a sort to each side. The picture is slightly washed out, it does look better IRL.
The base: I painted the base of the base brown, stuck a few different types of tufts, mainly flowers and long grass around the base, and used my autumnal flock mix on all the areas between. I think it is a really effective and tim-saving way to do bases.

Skinny Treeman
designed by Lord of the Print

3D printed on my Elegoo Mars Pro.
90mm base

The Dragon from the Japanese-themed Daimyo Expansion from the Bones 5 kickstarter.

I believe (or rather, I am quite sure that) this is made in Bones classic (new, stiff good stuff for this model) and not Bones Black as most of the other minis in the expansion should be.

The base I made for it is 125x100mm. The Buddha’s statue head comes with the model.

The Dragon has a bit of a playful “Boo! Gotcha!” energy about it.

77265 Dyas, Dryad
Bones 2 core set, Sylvan subset
Sculpted by Werner Klocke
Bones Classic PVC, white & rubbery
40mm base

77273 Dragon Hatchling, Black

Bones 2 core set, Dragon Hatchlings subset

Sculpted by Kevin Williams

Bones Classic PVC, white & rubbery
40mm base

The Dragon Hatchlings are some of the worst Bones models, although this one is not too bad. Soft detail and lumps where there should be claws or teeth. I would be very interested in these if they were redone in the Bones USA material.

One of the Henchmen & Hirelings-add on set from Bones 5. This would be some low level fighter henchman or NPC still wet behind the ears, so I painted him with clean clothes and shiny new, unused equipment.

Made in Bones Black PVC, 25mm base

RAF08215 Father Dagon

RAFM miniatures, Call of Cthulhu line.
Sculpted by Bob Murch
Metal, 50mm base

Total painted so far this year: 55 / 365. Just 310 to go!

January: 31 + 9
February: 15

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