Almost a week into February

Just some simple stuff this week.

I am getting most of the RCL minis out of the way early in the month as I hope to get the time to do a few larger pieces this quarter. Also Board to Death will be needing some time and attention.

Going left to right as usual:

Gundroid (I don’t know what the SKU or the official name is, probably Viceroy Enforcer Heavy or something along those lines.)

From The Bones 5 Chronoscope Expansion
Sculpted by Chris Lewis
Bones Black PVC, 30mm base

Remind you of something? This is very similar to the Bones USA Viceroy Enforcers:

So naturally, I painted it to match.

Woman with Baby (?)
From the Bones 5 Townspeople add on
Unknown sculptor
Bones Black PVC, 25mm base

The Bones 5 had an add-on with a bunch of civilians. They are all a bit static, standing around not really doing anything. Ther are also slightly small in scale.

77397 Dwarf Paladin Logrim

From the Bones 2 core set
Sculpted by Bobby Jackson
Bones Classic PVC (the white stuff), 30mm base

Reaper has recently been changing many of their minis’ names, presumably for their webstore to be easier to search. One change baffled me for a bit, suddenly most fighters had been named “Paladin”. Even the obviously evil ones with skulls on them. In my time, a Paladin was a lawful good paragon of virtue. It seems not so much anymore.

Nagendra Shieldmaiden (as if they would call this model that in this day and age)

From the Bones 5 Core Set.
Sculpted by Chris Lewis
Bones Black PVC, 32mm base

Remind you of something? This is very similar to the Bones 4 Nagendra models:

so, naturally, I painted her to match. Green snake this time.

“Puss! Jasper! Man, that no good cat! Just a minute you good for nothing cheap fur coat! Man, would you just look at that mess you made? Just understand this Jasper, if you break one more thing, you’re out. O U W T. Out!”
77088 Townsfolk: Grandmother and some metal cat mini I do not know if is reaper or not. From Edna the cat lady perhaps?

From the Bones 1 Vampire Pledge Core set

Sculpted by Bobby Jackson
Bones Classic PVC, 25mm base

02211 Undead, Skeleton Drummer
Reaper Dark Heaven Legends line
Sculpted by Ed Pugh
Metal, 25mm base

Young Woman (?)
From the Bones 5 Townspeople add on
Unknown sculptor
Bones Black PVC, 25mm base

80027 Nightslip
From the Bones 1 Core set Chronoscope subset
Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi
Bones Classic PVC white and rubbery, 25mm base

This model got left behind on my desk after I rummaged through one of the drawers with older bones minis the other day, so I rebased the model to a more fitting 25mm base and painted it.

To put the above into context, most of the older Bones models I have were glued with their integral bases straight on to 30mm bases. They don’t all fit that well, the bases in many cases are too large, and/or the integral bases are so thick they do not really look good perched on top of the 30mm base. So I often rebase them to 3D printed bases these days. Either I cut away the integral base and pin the model to the new base, or I use hollowed bases, cut the integral base to size, glue it in the hollow and fill with some putty.

“You told me to strip down and play the fool!” Groin the dwarf strained at his shackles as he shouted at the wizard locked up in the cell next to him. “You said that what we need to get in is a puppeteer jester!” “No, I told you to sit down and play it cool!” the wizard retorted hotly. “I said that to get in we need to be properly dressed here!”

77569 Dwarven Berserk Jester

from the Bones 3 Dwarf’s Kings Companions add on
Sculpted by Jason Wiebe
Bones Classic PVC, 25mm base

This model was painted at the tail end of January.

Total painted so far this year: 49 / 365. Just 316 to go!

January: 31 + 9
February: 9

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