Board to Death: January

The year-long “get your boardgame minis painted” event on the minipainting discord. The rules are simple: Post a picture of the unpainted models in any given boardgame or expansion (with a minimum of 5 models for it to count) and declare participation. Each month paint a minimum of 5 of said models, post the picture of the painted models and tag the mods. This will also get you special bonus points each month.
When the game or expansion is complete, you score points for them, plus bonuses for completion depending on the number of models in said game or expansion.
The points are your typical fake internet points, but still. Sweet sweet internet points.

On to January’s batch:

Silver Tower:

The Warrior Priest and his trusty Gryph-hound
I originally had 20 models left to paint from this game, and entered those for the BtD.

Warhammer Quest – Silver Tower:

2/20 painted, 18 to go

Star Saga

Mercenaries: Wrath and Alyse
I went with “Sith Classic Black” for Wrath, and “Grey Alien Overalls” combined with “Overlord cape (purple)” for Alyse.

The Boss, Dr Lucas Koyner, surrounded by his minions: six Lab Technicians .

He looks like Dr Octopus with his robotic backpack-arms, and therefore painted just so. The labtechs were more “Outbreak”, rocking yellow and red hazmat suits with blue nitril gloves to complete the look.

Who would have thought that such simple scenery could be so frustrating to paint? I tried to do them white. But without having any white or grey primer, since those primers turned out to have become thick and grainy, making them counterindicated for use in an airbrush. (Oh, how I abhor the inevitable clogging of the airbrush)

Which is not why I paint. I want to get rid of frustrations, not garner more.
Yeah. Nah. That did not turn out well. Time to try something else. Silver?

Not fantastic. Some washes, drybrushing and some coloured inks for detail later I was sick and tired of them.
I spent ages on these, and they look like I threw some paint at them and called it a day.

Which is some respects is exactly what I did. Only it was after I had spent ages trying to get a smooth white finish and failing spectacularily. What a downer.

I should have done some stripes. Maybe gone for some Borderlands-style colours or whatever, but I just could not be arsed, and wanted it all to be over.
At the very least I should have painted just one first as a proof of concept instead of doing them all as a batch.
Bah. Humbug! I pronounce them to be done with. They will do.

Star Saga: The Eiras Contract base game set + KS exclusives
I originally had 84 models, including the scenery and the little mine-thingys left to paint. I have done a few of them earlier.

17/84 painted, 67 to go

Total painted so far this year: 39 / 365. 326 to go!

January: 30 + 9

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