Reaper Challenge League 2022 Edition: January

Another year, another challenge league. Last year was a clean sweep, with every single challenge entered and scored. I painted almost 200 minis, and even won a £10 gift card in one of the quarterly raffles they held.

This year, I will try to get a clean sweep as well. I am of to a good start:

January Player Character

The armoured fighter from the Bones 5 power up add on “Dragon Slayers”

January Monster

Iron Golem (or whaterver they call this) from Bones 5 Core set.

January Theme: Fresh Start / Good Luck:

One of the Kid Heroes from the Bones 5 Core set

January New Release:

30011 Arkus Harn, Dwarf Witch Hunter

January Limited Palette (Blue, Green, Yellow)

02496 Swamp Shambler

January Freebie

Jerry the Jello by Archon Studio

January Duo

Flapping Cockatrice from the Bones 5 Fan Favorites expansion

January Trio

Gragg Elfeater from the Bones 5 Core set



“Don’t steal cockatrice eggs” from the Bones 5 Fan Favorites expansion

Large Model

77395 Cadirith Colossal Demon Spider

Q1 Mods Choice: The Unsneakiest of Sneaks

“You told me to strip down and play the fool!” Groin the dwarf strained at his shackles as he shouted accusingly at the wizard locked up in the cell next to him. “You said that what we need to get in is a puppeteer jester!”

“No, I told you to sit down and play it cool!” the wizard retorted hotly. “I said that to get in we need to be properly dressed here!”

77569 Dwarf Berserker Jester

Q1 Popup: Hero and Monster

50237 Lord of the Jungle and 77463 Weregorilla

Q1 popup: Lucky Colour

Colour: Cream

14399 Nefsokar Awakened

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