A slow week and entering Board to Death

A slow-ish week, not much finished but plenty started.

First, the painted minis. Going left to right as usual.

14399 Nefsokar Awakened

Reaper, the Warlord line
Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi
Metal, 30mm base

I have always preferred mummies to be weapon and armourless, like this one. When they are dressed up, they cease to be mummies and become something else for me. I am not really sure why this is so.

A couple of the pictures I took turned out to be out of focus, such as the conan comparison shot.

At any rate, mummies such as this are really easy to paint:
I start with a black undercoat, and slop leathery brown all over the model, taking care to not fill in the detail. When dry, drybrush carefully with progressively lighter shades of bone, topping with an offwhite bones colour. Then do the details such as skin and eyes in blues, greens and reds.
The secret is all in wiping off the drybrush enough before applying it to the miniature.

Undead Orc Warriors II (1 of 3 in the pack)

Scotia Grendel
Unkown sculptor
37mm base, metal

Short and wide.
There is a series of similar models available from Scotia Grendel in Scotland, mostly in packs of three different minis.

“Whispering Ghoulsbane”
from the Reaper Bones 5 Fan Favorites Expansion
Unkown sculptor
Bones Black PVC
50mm base

I don’t really know the name of what this model is supposed to be, some modern pathfinder or D&D monster.

I call it the Hedge Blight or maybe the Bush Beast.

The Reaper horned skull logo is present as some sort of easter egg.

77463 Weregorilla

Reaper Bones 3 core set, Lychanthropes II subset
Sculpted by James Van Schaik
Bones Classic PVC the white stuff
50mm base

50237 Lord of the Jungle and Familar
Reaper, Chronoscope line
Sculpted by Julie Guthrie
30mm metal

An obvious take on Tarzan and his chimpanzee sidekick Cheeta.

Here is a good example of the inconsistent scale between many (older) Reaper miniatures. Conan is a lot beefier than Tarzan, even though they should be about the same size.
Of course, an argument could be made that Conan is a powerlifter, having his muscle growth from mainly pushing the millstone, while Tarzan is more of a triathlon kind of fit from brachiating about the jungle and wrestling snakes.
Still though, different scale.
Anyway, Cheeta would probably thrash the living daylights out of any of them in an unarmed fight. Chimps are not only absolute units but also utterly ruthless in a fight. They know where the weak spots are.

Painted so far this year: 20 / 365. 345 to go!

January: 19 + 1

—Board to Death—

On the minipainting discord they have a new year long event, called Board to Death. This event calls for the painting, and completion, of board games with miniatures.
One can enter any board game with miniatures, or expansions, of at least 5 models. The goal is to paint at least 5 miniatures each month for a couple of bonus points, and more bonus points when a game or expansion is completed, depending on model count in the game or expansion.
Such an event is just what I need to motivate me to get stuff painted. And I do have a number of miniatures based board games lying about waiting to be painted.
I have chosen to enter the remainder of the Silver Tower. I have only 20 models left to paint for that. I have also entered the remainder of the Star Saga base game and KS exclusives, 84 models in all. I have only painted a very few models from this game until now.
I also have the three Star Saga expansions ready to paint, but have not entered them yet. I will see if there is time left in the year to paint them if and when I have finished the two above.

I am currently thinking that I will dabble in these board game minis, doing batches of them whenever I get the inclination to do so. I am also keeping up with the Reaper Challenge League, so any board game minis probably will get started only after the RCL minis of the month are done.

We will see how things turn out. Maybe I won’t have the time to complete both (or even one).

The remaining 20 models from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. All the others were painted long ago.
The Star Saga base game set, less a few bits already painted. Also, covered in dust as they had been sitting out in the open on trays in a dusty cellar for years. They have since been washed.
The Star Saga Kickstarter exclusives

Painted from the Bones 5 Fan Favorites expansion: 8 / 43

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  1. Nice! I am the sculptor of the ghoulsbane. It is a creature of my own design, largely a re-imagining of the sussurus, a classic 1e monster. Rather than the droning noise being made by wind, the idea was that the heads of the undead and living it killed would be incorporated into it, and would whisper and murmur. Practically, I will be using it as a shambling mound for the introductory D&D module “Death House.”

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