Ramshackle Dunger

I got this mini as part of a joblot of second hand models I traded for (or purchased, honestly I don’t remember). I had no idea what is was, apart from that it was made by Ramshackle Games. Today I used my Google-Fu to visit the Ramshackle webshop and find out that it is a […]

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Space Hurps part the fifth.

The second blob of minis off the shelf today is 12 more of the Mantic Sci Fi Zombie Space Hurps conversions: I really, really need to look into better photography.   At any rate, that makes 43 of those zombies done in all. 15-20 or so to go. I must admit they are getting a bit […]

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Small Old One

Reaper make several Cthuloid monsters in the Bones material, such as this one: 77113: Eldritch Demon (50mm base) aka Cthulhu Again, simple drybrushing on black undercoat. No washes or advanced techniques. This is practice for the big one…Ph’ngui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn    

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Luciphuzz done

So here he is done:   a bit of a struggle at the end, it must be said. I tried some flame patterns, but no.   also a Nazizombie: Nazizombies really are the perfect villains. This is a metal figure made by Reaper. As Dead Snow 2 is premiering soon, the advertising blitz is on. […]

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