Board to Death June (spilling over into July)

The Board to Death projects have been almost like a mental hurdle to cross, something I have had to force myself to paint. So to clear out some mental space I have in the last couple of weeks been making a concerted effort to grind out both the remaining Silver Tower minis and the rest of the Star Saga base game with KS exclusives that I had entered back in January.

I had hoped to get all of this done before the turn of the month, but it was not to be. It spilled over into July, and today I painted the doors and the last two minis, and based the lot of ’em. So now I am done with them.

Silver Tower:
The freshly painted:

The very last of the Silver Tower minis, the six Tzaangors.
These really were a slog to paint. I started and restarted them several times, each time going nowhere. I am not sure why, but I do not like these minis. And it shows in the uninspired paint jobs.

The 20 I had still to paint from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower back in January.
20/20 finished. And now they are done, the minis from the game are all painted.

Star Saga:
the freshly painted:

7 Mercernaries
2 Bosses
9 Corporation Marines
6 Corporation Rangers and ditto Rangers with Flamers
14 Doors and remaining bits and bobs
The Kickstarter Exclusive Mercenaries

84 / 84 models in all, minis, scenery and bits.


Total painted so far this year:  290 / 365. Just 75 to go!

January: 31 + 9
February: 34 + 17
March: 50 + 2
April: 46
May: 30
June: 49 + 8
July: 2 + 12

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  1. Nice output! I still have one of those tentacled/jellyfish looking things from Mantic (from your two bosses). Though mine isn’t holding a bunch of gadgets.

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