Warcry! The Iron Golems (and Furies)

Trust me to only start painting the first iteration of any given game’s base set after the second has been released…

In preparation to actually getting to play the game, I am painting a warband and other bits. First out are the Iron Golems.

I believe these are a bit tanky, just judging by their partial plate armour. Not that plate armour is all that useful when your midriff and most of your arms and legs are buck naked.

The Dominar

The Signifer

The Armator

You can trust a dwarf to show up in the “Forges of Chaos” faction.

The Ogor Breacher

Kinda gives a new definition of “hammerfist”, doesn’t it?

The Drillmasters

The Iron Legionnaries (aka arrow fodder)

Also, there are some Chaotic Beasts in the set. Here are the Furies:

Chaos Furies are your run-of-the-mill lesser winged devils, so naturally I painted them red. These would be new iterations of the Chaos Harpies that existed in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles line.

The thin legs are a bit brittle and easy to damage. One of these has needed surgery already.

These are all from the Warcry base game set (first edition 2019: the out of print red and black box)
Made by Games Workshop.
HIPS plastic.

Total painted so far this year:  423 / 365. 58 over target!

January: 31 + 9
February: 34 + 17
March: 50 + 2
April: 46
May: 30
June: 52 + 8
July: 60 + 17
August: 39 *Yearly target surpassed
September: 25

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