Off the shelf of shame, chapter IV: A New Hope

Another month, another blog post. Being bogged down by work for several weeks has left little time for playing around with miniatures, and nothing new to show off here on the blog.

Mostly I can grab half an hour here and half an hour there and often just som prep. Sometimes I find that it is somewhat off-putting even to begin painting a new miniature (needing to actually think about what colors and techniques to use…), and then it is more recreational to simply do prepwork and build stuff instead. Luckily I still have masses and masses of unbuilt kickstarter rewards lying about, and also some ebay purchases to make ready for painting. I have more then I will ever finish. Certainly at this pace.

I am also rather flighty and tend to start off a few things, and then leave them unfinished for some time. So my shelf of shame is brimming.

This time around I have the following done:

140601 growler f 140601 growler s

1. A Growler, from the defunct game Vor: the Maelstrom. This one has the feel of Kev Adams the Goblinmaster about it. Basically a Warhammer Squig that also has a body to match, or a Warzone Razide with a Squig for a head. I do not really remember much of the game apart from something about the Maelstrom was ripping worlds apart/ out of their own realities, and smushing them toghether, creating a game setting where literally anything could happen. Growlers were omnivorous aliens that absorbed properties of what they ate, and therefore were quite deadly in close combat.


140601 wormpile140601 wormpile 2

2. Wormpile from Hell Dorado. I only got the Hell Dorado rulebook yesterday and have not had a time to read much of it yet. Suffice to say, it’s a Hell of a setting to put a wargame in, and has some really nice miniatures! The wormpile is some sort of demonic entity, comprised of masses and masses of maggoty worms, and some bits and pieces of earlier victims. I have no idea how good or bad it might be in battle.


140601 werewolf 2 140601 werewolf 3  140601 werewolf 1140601 werewolf 4

3. Mantic Werewolf from their Kings of War Kickstarter, this is the first test subject. I have nine of so lying about. Not really satisfied with this one. Maybe grey or black is the way to go, instead of fleshy tones. See comment about the base below.


140601 ukjent 4 140601 ukjent 3 140601 ukjent 2 140601 ukjent 1

4. Unknown. I do not remember where this comes from. It is not a Citadel miniature. I have a suspicion it might be some sort of Dungeons & Dragons mini from Wizards of the Coast from the series they released during the early 2000s, or something Cthulhoid from the same period. It is made in a yellowish, hard metal. Not lead.

Edit: This is a Mage Knight Graveworm


140601 werewolf base

Here I have tried out the Citadel Earth technical some more, making it look like dried out, cracked mud. Still not pleased with the effect, as the cracks are rather smaller than I would like.

Also, here I learned that whatever colour is beneath it will show in the cracks.

From the Shelf of Shame: Finishing The Unfinished

I have made a solemn decision to finish up all the half-painted minis on my little shelf of shame.

First up is some treeman:

140427 treemann

40mm base.

I am not sure where this metal miniature comes from, I suspect it is a Wizards of the Coast D&D miniature from the early ’00s. I think one other I had lying about in the same box (a skeletal D&D troll) quite definately is one of those.

At any rate, it has been standing around unfinished for some time, and I rebased it (it had a square base earlier) and finished it with fresh colours, some washes and a lot of drybrushing.

It turned out quite well I think. Apart from the little stumpy sawn off-branch ends that did not turn out so well.

Can’t win ’em all. At least it now is done.

Edit: This is a Mage Knight Wood Golem, by Wizkids.


Next up, something that looks like a cross between a Squig and a Razide, definately sculpted by Kev Adams, and (I believe) from the defunct game Vor: the Maelstrom.