The Plagueburst Crawler

I swear, if not for the paintalongs, stuff like this would not get painted unless I specifically needed it for a game. It has been sitting, built and primed, in a box together with a more or less complete Death Guard army since the models were released some time before the ‘rona plague hit. For some reason, they have stayed in the box. Maybe now that I have started it, I might get around to painting some more of the army?

So, for the tankalong, it was either this or a Konflikt ’47 tank. However, this one was both built and primed, and so was chosen over a partially built model.

I have been plonking away at it now and then over the last week or so.

I went with a dark red and darker green main colour scheme to match my existing chaos marines that I have painted Nurglesque in those colours. It is actually more reddish than brownish IRL. The weathering was maybe a tad too dark on this?

Total painted so far this year: 71 / 365. Just 294 to go!

January: 31 + 9
February: 30 + 1

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