Getting started for June.

The Gummi Candy hands at the back are Spell Effects from the Bones 5 Core Set. They are cast in translucent clear pvc and thus look like gummi bears when painted in translucent inks or contrast paint, like these are.

Here is the add-on “Hand of Disapproval” shown to complete the line up of the Bigby’s Hand spell minis.
50mm bases.

Bonesylvanians are chibi horror-themed minis. here are 77601 Gus the Ghost and 77599 Cal the Skeleton
Reaper Bones Bonesylvania line
Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi
Bones Classic rubbery PVC
25mm bases

Gus was painted with a black and white paint, mixing allowed.


Bones 5 Core set
Sculpted by Ben Siens
Bones Black hard PVC
25mm base

Basically your goblin-sized twigman

77154 Lizardman Spearman
77155 Lizardman Warrior
From the Bones 1 kickstarter
Sculpted by Gene Van Horne
Bones classic white, slightly rubbery PVC
30mm bases

and their close friend and loyal companion

Swamp Raptor of Jargono

From the XL enemy pack expansion for the wierd west dungeon crawler board game Shadows of Brimstone, this monster can be encountered in the swamplike otherworld of Jargono.

Flying Frog Productions
HIPS plastic
60mm base

Total painted so far this year: 230 / 365. Just 135 to go!

January: 31 + 9
February: 34 + 17
March: 50 + 2
April: 46
May: 30
June: 9

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